Look no further for the best VALORANT video settings to help you on your competitive queue grind to Radiant.

Are you a casual enjoyer or an aspiring pro? No matter how much of your life you invest into Riot Games' first-person shooter, you'll want to ensure your copy has settings that work for you. This includes applying the best VALORANT video settings.

These settings will make your opponents easy to spot, make your game run smooth, and keep you on the top of the leaderboard if you're aim is crisp. Of course, everyone's system is different, so use them as a starting point and adjust them if you need to.

How to change your VALORANT video settings?

Open up your Settings to find the video settings section of VALORANT (Image via esports.gg)
Open up your Settings to find the video settings section of VALORANT (Image via esports.gg)

The steps to actually reach your settings in VALORANT are pretty simple:

  1. Open VALORANT
  2. Click the gear in the top right corner
  3. Select Settings
  4. Navigate to the Video tab to access your video settings

From there, you can alter your settings to get the best VALORANT video settings possible.

What are the best VALORANT video settings?

(Image via esports.gg)
(Image via esports.gg)

Most professional players will go to lower settings to make it easier to see opponents and limit distractions such as shadows and certain lighting. This is all subjective, so tweak them to your liking if you prefer more heightened graphics.


  • Display Mode: Fullscreen
  • Resolution: Your monitor’s native resolution with the highest refresh rate
  • Aspect Ration Method: Letterbox
  • Limit FPS: Off
  • NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency: On + Boost (Only available for NVIDIA graphics card)

Graphics Quality

  • Multithreaded Rendering: On
  • Material Quality: Low
  • Texture Quality: Low
  • Detail Quality: Low
  • UI Quality: Low
  • Vignette: Off
  • VSync: Off
  • Anti-Aliasing: MSAA 2x
  • Anisotropic Filtering: 4x
  • Improve Clarity: Off
  • Experimental Sharpening: Off
  • Bloom: Off
  • Distortion: Off
  • Cast Shadows: Off

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