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Best VALORANT skin loadout for Valentine’s Day

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your duo in VALORANT? Then check out this skin loadout to bring the feeling of love to the game.

Valentine's Day has arrived. Whether you're out to dinner with that special someone or showing off the Duo's Day bundle with your duo in VALORANT, we hope you enjoy yourself. And if your plans involve the latter, why not put together a VALORANT skin loadout that's perfect for Valentine's Day?

We'll go through each weapon in the game and let you know which one just screams "LOVE!"

Best VALORANT skins to use on Valentine's Day

There are seven categories of weapons in your VALORANT collection. Here is each one and some lovely skins to show off on V-Day:


  • Classic: Shimmer - Base
  • Shorty: Sentinels of Light - Pink Variant
  • Frenzy: Blush
  • Ghost: XEROFANG - Pink Variant
  • Sheriff: Nebula

The theme is obvious. Pink, love, flowers, you name it. That's how you can celebrate Valentine's Day in VALORANT with a weapon loadout. Look no further than the Shimmer Classic, Sentinels of Light Shorty, Blush Frenzy, XEROFANG Ghost, and Nebula Sheriff for the pink vibes.


  • Stinger: Sakura
  • Spectre: Starlit Odyssey - Twilight Variant

This one is a bit harder. Unlike our Christmas day VALORANT loadout, we opted to not repeat a skin for any weapon for Valentine's Day. Go with the Sakura Stinger, as flowers are a common V-Day gift, and the beautiful Starlit Odyssey Spectre.


  • Bucky: Horizon
  • Judge: Iridian Thorn

Next up for your Valentine's Day VALORANT skin collection are the shotguns. The Horizon Bucky is a great choice. It symbolizes watching the sunset with your beloved. Then the Iridian Thorn Judge. Thorns. On roses. Need we say more?


  • Bulldog: Striker - Pink/Teal/Purple Variant
  • Guardian: Infinity - Pink Variant
  • Phantom: Hue Shift
  • Vandal: Reaver - Red Variant

This is where it gets hard at not repeating skins, but we think we did a good job. The pink color of the Striker Bulldog is cute, while the Infinity Guardian is as sleek as it gets. Follow it up with the just as sleek Infinity Phantom, and another thorn-themed weapon. The red Reaver Vandal and its design could definitely be the VALORANT version of a dozen roses.

Sniper Rifles

  • Marshal: Artisan - Any Variant
  • Outlaw: Prism//Reloaded - Pink Variant
  • Operator: Tilde - Purple Variant

If you're a sniper on Valentine's Day, we've got the VALORANT skins for you. Any variant of the Artisan Marshal will do. They're just plain fancy, like a dinner date should be. Then of course, the pink Prism//Reloaded Outlaw, with the purple-hued Tilde Operator to round out the category.

Machine Guns

  • Ares: Oni - Hana Variant
  • Odin: Prism IIi - Pink Variant

Another flower-themed skin comes in the form of the Oni Ares. It is one of the more elegant skins you can place on the gun in VALORANT, so equip it for Valentine's Day. Then take the pink Prism III Odin into the server. The Outlaw is a reloaded collection item, so giving this one to the Odin isn't cheating.


  • Catrina - Eternal Variant
  • Ignite Fan - Purple Variant
  • Singularity Knife

Lastly, we have a few melee options for your VALORANT loadout on Valentine's Day. The Catrina melee has gorgeous colors and flower decorations. The Ignite Fan has a sophisticated pink variant with a lovely effect. And the Singularity Knife is just a glaring pink blade.

Happy gaming and happy Valentine's Day! Stay tuned to for more esports news and VALORANT coverage.