She did a brilliant job as Bunny and you might recognise her from a range of other games.

Bunny is arguably the most popular Descendant in The First Descendant due to a multitude of reasons, including her voice and personality which were provided by Rebecca Lachance.

Not only Bunny have one of the best ability kits in The First Descendant, paired with a unique character design, but Rebecca Lachance did a marvellous job as the voice actor—so much to the point that fans are curious to learn more about her work.

Here's everything we know about Rebecca Lachance and her career both as an actress on the stage and voiceover artist across multiple games.

Who is Rebecca Lachance, Bunny's voice actor in The First Descendant?

She's nothing like Bunny in real life (Photo via Rebecca Lachance)
She's nothing like Bunny in real life (Photo via Rebecca Lachance)

Rebecca Lachance is an American actress, voiceover artist, singer, and audiobook narrator currently based in London, U.K. She has played Patty in School of Rock and Ursula Wand in Treason: In Concert in the famous London's West End, and most notably played Betty in Beautiful: The Carole King Musical in Broadway.

On top of her performances on stage, Rebecca Lachance also worked audiobooks and voiced characters in over numerous games, according to her website.

What other games did Rebecca Lachance work on besides The First Descendant?

Rebecca Lachance has notably voiced Sena in the award-winning action RPG Xenoblade Chronicles 3 before giving life to Bunny in The First Descendant. Here's every game she worked on thus far:

Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and SpaceYipha
Assemble With CareMaria
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: BreakpointFemale Civilian 3
The Bradwell ConspiracyAmber
The Good LifeNaomi
Horizon: Forbidden WestOseram Voices
Xenoblade Chronicles 3Sena
Bratz: Flaunt Your FashionFiana, Talent Show Manager
Everybody 1-2 Switch!English Voice Actor
Payday 3Pearl
Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom LibertyAdditional Voices
Alan Wake 2Additional Voices
Outcast: A New BeginningNepheim/Additional Voices
Dragon RajaEVA
L.O.L. Surprise! B.B.'s Born to TravelDoll

Given that Rebecca Lachance has helped Bunny become a fan-favorite in The First Descendant, we'll likely see her take other leading jobs in the gaming industry sooner rather than later.

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