Play with your friends.

The First Descendant is best enjoyed with friends and acquaintances where you can team up to take on the bosses in the game. The PvE game is designed to be played along with friends. But if you are new to the game, then here’s a quick guide on How to Invite Friends in The First Descendant.

How to Invite Friends in The First Descendant

Most of the players would want to experience the game with friends in The First Descendant. Here’s how you can invite friends to play with you. 

  1. Set up a Nexon Account
  2. Launch The First Descendant
  3. Click on Map (or Options)
  4. Choose the Social Tab on the Far-right
  5. Add and interact with friends here.

Once inside, you should be able to see various social columns. They would include a list of players, and players in your friend list. You can also see the pending friend requests and other requests on this sidebar. 

You can also add players using their ID, and look for local players in your region. You can also interact with players who have recently played with you. This helps you get back in the game with players you enjoyed playing the game. 

You can complete missions and enter certain areas of the map together once you are in a party. You will also get Loot drops, but those drops are per individual player and not for everyone in the party.

Once in the game, you can interact with other players by going closer to them and holding down ‘T’ button on the keyboard. 

These steps help you to play the game with your friends. The First Descendant has cross-play and you can enjoy the game with your friends from different platforms as well. The First Descendant released on July 2 and features an engaging storyline with unique voice lines by some well-known voice artists.