Here is how you can claim your Beta rewards if eligible from The First Descendant.

It's a great day to be a fan of the new popular game, The First Descendant. Due to some server issues with their recent Beta, the game has vowed to give ALL Beta participants the rewards offered.

Here is everything we know about The First Descendant Beta rewards and how to get them.

The First Descendant gives Beta rewards to ALL test participants

Recently, on their website, The First Descendant announced that those who participated in any of their open Betas will be given all rewards. Originally, each Beta had specific criteria to meet before accepting a reward.

Now, they will be for everyone involved to make up for issues within the test.

"First of all, we would like to thank you for your interest in The First Descendant and for participating in the test," said The First Descendant on its website. "However, we have identified a partial issue where rewards were not distributed."

The game's devs did not stop at just an apology, though.

"Due to various issues after the launch, we were unable to provide a stable service, and we feel deeply regretful. As a sincere apology, we have decided to expand the rewards for everyone."

So, who involved is eligible to receive these rewards? And how do they claim them?

How to claim rewards

Those able to claim rewards can do so by logging into Albion and checking their Mailbox. From there, you will find a message asking you to claim rewards.

Rewards for each test

Here are the rewards from each test:

[Steam Beta Test (Oct 2022)]

Test Category
Event Rewards
Test Participation
High Five emote
Special! "Intercept Frost Walker"
Frost Walker Hunter→ 2 titles: Groundbreaking (Prefix), Explorer (Suffix)

[Crossplay Open Beta Test (Sep 2023)]

Test Category
Event Rewards
Test Participation Event
Send Heart emote
Level Up a Descendant to Level 20
Bear Cub back attachment
Conquer Void Intercept Battle (Hard)!
Passion spawn effect
Survey Participation Event
Bunny head skin "Trendsetter"

Congratulations if you were eligible for any of these rewards.

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