Fight Money is key to unlocking the most prestigious and ridiculous skins and cosmetics in Tekken 8. Here’s how to earn Fight Money

Fight Money is a currency you'll want to get acquainted with if you want to unlock all the best cosmetics in Tekken 8. It can't be bought - well not at the moment at least - so here's how to earn it quickly.

What is Fight Money in Tekken 8?

Fight Money is Tekken 8's in-game currency used to purchase cosmetics for your characters, avatars or even your own UI. Tekken 8 does not currently offer the option for players to purchase Fight Money for real cash, so you will have to earn it the good old fashioned way.

Customization options for Tekken 8 players
Customization options for Tekken 8 players

How can I earn Fight Money?

Fight Money can be earned simply through combat, whether that's in Arcade Quest or even Super Ghost Battle. (not including Tekken Ball) How you perform in battle will influence how much you receive at the end of the battle.

Fight Money is a reward in Arcade Quest - for example completing an Arcade region is worth $1,000,000
Fight Money is a reward in Arcade Quest - for example completing an Arcade region is worth $1,000,000

Available bonuses in combat to earn extra Fight Money include:

  • Win Bonus
  • Aggressiveness Bonus
  • Rage Art Bonus
  • Punish Bonus
  • Round Bonus
  • Stage Break Bonus
  • Heat Smash Bonus
  • More Variety Bonus

These are three also ways to earn a significant amount of Fight Money quickly:

10,000,000 Fight Points
Completing Chapter 15 of the Dark Awakens Story Mode
1,000,000 Fight Points
Completing a Character chapter. There are 32 playable characters at launch
1,000,000 Fight Points
Completing an Arcade in Arcade Quest
1,000,000 Fight Points
Play your first Online Ranked Match
Three quick ways to earn a large sum of Fight Money

What can I use Fight Money for?

Once you've got your hands on some Fight Money, there are currently three ways to spend it:

Character Customization - To purchase unique cosmetics either as a bundle or individually
Player Customization - To change your UI such as Health Gauge and Player Information Panel
Avatar Customization - To change your appearance in Arcade

The majority of cosmetics are currently free. However, the ones requiring Fight Money range from 30,000 to 300,000 Fight Points.

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