Stop bleeding everywhere! Health in Tekken 8, explained cover image

Stop bleeding everywhere! Health in Tekken 8, explained

Let’s learn about health so you stop losing it.

Keep getting absolutely destroyed in Tekken 8? The first potential fix is understanding Health and how it works. And while it seems like the most simple thing in video games ever, the health bar hides more secrets in Tekken 8 than you may realize. Gray bars? Healing? Those tiny notches that break the bar into segments? There's more going on than meets the eye.

Fear not, you’ll be getting Perfects in no time. But, let’s just make sure we understand the basics first.

How does Health work in Tekken 8 

(Image via Bandai Namco)
(Image via Bandai Namco)

How much health does each fighter have?

Despite the varying sizes in Tekken 8’s cast, there is no difference in health. Each character has 180 health.

How you lose your health in Tekken 8 changes depending on how you’ve been hit. Certain abilities take a massive chunk of your health, while others don’t. Depending on whether it’s a simple strike or a part of a Rage Art blow, your health will decrease at varying rates.

Chip Damage

Chip damage in Tekken 8 is the small amount of health lost while blocking. If you’re getting punched and kicked while you block, your health will drop.

But, it’ll only decrease a minimal amount. If you’re not blocking, the damage will be significantly different. 

Rage Art

(Image via Bandai Namco)
(Image via Bandai Namco)

Rage Art in Tekken 8 occurs when your character's health drops to below 25%. Once you’re at death’s door, you’ll be blessed with the almighty Rage Art.

This Rage Art ability gives players a series of moves that are undodgeable once the first hit lands successfully. Upon being hit, a cinematic will commence and both players strap themselves in to enjoy the show. It’s essentially an almost unstoppable special ability, that’ll tear through an opponent's health. 

Health Recovery in Tekken 8

(Screenshot by
(Screenshot by

If you’re used to getting beaten to a pulp, you’re likely very familiar with the grey bar. This particular bar is your recoverable health in Tekken 8. 

This occurs when you’ve sustained damage from blocking particular special moves or aerial attacks.

How do you recover this health? All you have to do is finally hit some shots. Depending on your character, you’ll gain HP at varying rates. Some characters have Special Actions that increase the amount of health recovered with each hit. But, all that really matters is that once you start peppering your opponents with successful hits, you’ll gain HP back—even if they’re blocking. 

Keep in mind, that this will not save you. If your health is at an all-time low with heaps of grey covering your HP bar, you will still die. This health is only recoverable, meaning it’s not there to save you.

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