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How to Block Attacks in Tekken 8

But that does not mean you should always be defending.

Tekken 8’s release will see thousands of players completely new to the franchise try out the game. For many of these players, understanding the basics of the game such as How to Block and attack is one of the foremost queries. Here’s how to Block in Tekken 8, one of the core mechanics of the FGC title. 

How to block attacks in Tekken 8?

The simplest way to block an attack is to simply move back. To do this hold the left button or move your analog stick to the left (if you are playing on the left of the screen). This blocks most of the High and Mid attacks.

  • High Attacks: Move Back
  • Low Attacks: Crouch and Move back

For players playing on the right side of the screen, vice versa is true. So they need to move to the right side of the screen by pressing the right button or moving the analog stick to the right. 

However, you are still vulnerable to low attacks. For low attacks, you need to move down and back, which will ensure your character blocks low attacks as well. For controller players, this means moving your analog stick to the South West (or South East depending on your side).

Should I always defend in Tekken 8?

Tekken 8 players can use successive defensive moves to catch their opponents off-guard. However, block controls also leave you susceptible to grab-and-throw maneuvers. This back-and-forth between going defensive and offensive is the primary charm of Fighting Games. 

It is up to each individual’s risk appetite and playstyle that will determine whether they can accurately assess their opponent’s next attack.

If you are getting hit while blocking it means you are getting hit while moving. So you will need to block attacks slightly earlier than you normally would. 

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