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How to use GameShare on Xbox

A bit of trust and a simple few steps to share your game library with your close friends.

Console games have been around for decades and we have all shared our games, the physical Discs with our friends in the past. However, with new-age consoles, there is no physical disk to share. Fortunately, we can still share games with our friends and family. Here’s how to Gameshare on Xbox Series S, X, or Xbox One. 

What is Xbox Gameshare?

Xbox Gameshare is for people who have multiple consoles in a single household. The system works on trust and the sharer and the sharee must be alright with sharing account details with each other. Xbox One was one of the first consoles to fully embrace Game Sharing. It allows you to share your library of games with someone you trust. 

How to use Gameshare on Xbox

Game Sharing on Xbox allows you to share your game library with your friends. Thankfully, it is relatively easy to share games on Xbox consoles and this includes Xbox One as well as the latest Xbox Series S|X. Here’s what to do to Game Share on Xbox. 

  1. Start your console
  2. Sign in to your Xbox Account
  3. Press the Xbox button on your controller
  4. Click on the ‘Add New’ option (Click using the A button on the controller)
  5. Enter the secondary account details (login and password)
  6. You should see their Xbox username and their picture in the list of profiles

How to Change Home Xbox

After going through the steps mentioned above, you have to set your Xbox has the Home Xbox. Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Press the Xbox button to go to the settings option
  2. Select Personalization
  3. Click on “My Home Xbox”
  4. After this you have to enable the option - Make This My Home Xbox and confirm the option

Remember you can only switch your Home Xbox five times a year. So use this option judiciously as you don’t want to be out of options when you require it. 

Changing the Home Xbox option ensures that Microsoft thinks this console is your friend’s console, but just in a different location. This is not an exploit as Microsoft supports this feature and it allows you to enjoy the game with your friends. 

Requirements for Xbox Game Share

There are a few things you require before you can officially use the Xbox Game Share - apart from trust in your friend.

  • Friend’s Login Information: You need to have your friend’s Xbox account and login information.
  • Valid Xbox Game Pass Core Subscription: You also need to have a valid Xbox Game Pass Core Subscription.

Important Information about Xbox Gameshare

Xbox Gameshare is a feature that is beneficial and allows friends to play together. The feature, however, does have a few limitations which are partly to ensure security as well as to reduce the load on the server. 

  • Number of people: Gameshare only works between two people. So you cannot share your library with more than one person.
  • Digital Copies Only: You cannot Gameshare physical copy editions of a game. Xbox Game Share only works with Digital copies of the game.
  • Trust: It is important to Gameshare only with people you completely trust. You are essentially handing over access of your library of games, and it is important that you can trust the recipient of the Game Share. 
  • Home Xbox Limit: The Home Xbox can only be changed five times a year. So you have to carefully plan how and with whom you can share your Xbox Games. 

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