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How to appear offline on Xbox

Here’s how to hide your online status from others.

The Xbox has been one of the most prominent consoles in the gaming industry dating back decades. The latest console launch saw Microsoft release Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X with different price points and features. While the console might not be the top when it comes to original games, Xbox has multiple features that help it stand out in the competition. Here’s how to appear offline on Xbox. 

While the best experience on a console is when you play video games with your friends, sometimes you don’t want others to know you are online. In these cases, appearing offline becomes a very valuable experience for gamers. Here’s how you can appear offline on Xbox - both on the console as well as via the app. 

How to appear offline on Xbox One?

It's important to note that appearing offline is not the same as setting your Xbox to offline mode. In Offline mode, your Xbox will simply not connect to the Xbox cloud service, whereas in this case, we still want to connect but simply want to hide our online status from friends.

  1. Sign in to the console
  2. Press the Home Button Twice
  3. Select the user icon
  4. Go to Shortcuts and then My Profile
  5. You will get three options Appear Offline, Privacy Settings, and Customize Profile.
  6. Select Appear Offline

Appear Offline on Xbox Series S|X?

You can also appear offline on the latest consoles. The process might slightly differ, but it is largely the same. The new-gen consoles released in November 2020 and have been a massive success.

  1. Click on the Home Button on the controller
  2. Scroll to the Profile Picture (usually using the up button)
  3. Scroll to the Appear Online option - You will get a few more options once you go  inside
  4. Click on the Appear Offline button and exit.

How to appear offline on the Xbox App?

You can also change your offline status via the Xbox mobile app. Depending on whether you use an iPhone or an Android phone, you will first have to download the app from the iStore or the Google Play Store. Once you download the app, make sure to login to your Xbox account. 

  1. Launch the Mobile App
  2. On the bottom right side of the screen, tap on your profile picture.
  3. Click on Appear Offline

That’s all you need to do to appear offline on the Xbox. You can now play video games without your contact list knowing you are online. 

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