In this edition of TFT Tip Tuesday, we teach you how to optimize the usage of Thief’s Gloves item in your games.

TFT (Teamfight Tactics) Tip Tuesday is continuing on with its series here in Set 11. Today, we're teaching you how to fully optimize the usage of Thief's Gloves to be successful in your games. TFT changed the way Thief's Gloves (TG) behaves during planning phases before fights.

Read on to learn how you can utilize this tip in your own ranked climb!

TFT Tip Tuesday: Thief's Gloves Remover/Selling unit technique

In this set, removing Thief's Gloves off a unit and putting it back on to the same unit or different unit does not change its items within the same planning phase before the next fight.

Checking Thief's Gloves items with bench unit and selling

Selling bench unit for TG items example

You can buy a unit in your shop that you won’t play and put it on that unit to see what the items are. Then, you can put that TG on whatever unit on your board can best hold those items. This technique is shown in the video example above.

Using Remover/Golden Remover

Using Remover to move TG items example

Additionally, this mechanic works just as well with removers. Therefore, if you have item removers available or have not committed the item to a unit on your board. The best case scenario happens when you have a Golden Remover. This will allow you to continuously recycle your Thief's Gloves without having to sell useful units.

TFT Tip Tuesday: Who to put Thief's Gloves on

Umbral Sylas (Image via Riot Games)
Umbral Sylas (Image via Riot Games)

TG item holders are generally not your main tank or main damage dealer as you will want the best items always on those unit. They are usually bruiser-type units that can make the best of tank and damage items, preferably with both AD and AP scaling (melee units that deal a good amount of secondary damage).

Some of the most common and strong holders of TG this set :

Early Game

  • Rek'Sai
  • Aatrox
  • Qiyana


  • Whatever secondary melee unit you are not eventually stacking items onto

Late Game

  • Lee Sin
  • Sylas
  • Udyr
  • Wukong

Ideally, put Thief's Gloves on units that you are temporarily part of your strongest board in the early and mid-game. That way, Thief's Gloves does not get stuck on a unit that you may want items on later or will be unable to sell later.

TFT Tip Tuesday: Last week's edition

The Teamfight Tactics UI has improved significantly over the course of the game's lifetime. To learn how to fully take advantage of its tools this set, check out this guide from last week!

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