If you have ever struggled to keep up with the TFT meta or news, look no further. We created a TFT resource guide for you to find everything!

With patches happening every two weeks and many tournaments throughout each set, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and lost. However, here at esports.gg, we assembled a TFT resource guide you need to keep up with the meta of each set as well as updates on the game and competitive scene if you're interested. Read on below to find which resources you want to get yourselves familiar with!

TFT Resource Guide: Guide Websites

Robinsongz's TFT Handbook

Professional player and full-time streamer Robinsongz was the first to turn his meta read and composition guide into a website. On his website, he regularly updates the top-tier comps of the meta, what they look like, default positioning, and how and when to play them. Additional information includes meta-strategy, generic augments to pick, and fundamental guides that are valuable information to know.

Aesah's TFT-Coaching

Aesah, another professional TFT player and former full-time streamer started TFT-Coaching in Set 10. The aim was to create a website as a resource filled with video guides and coaching offers to help players improve their gameplay. They also have a Discord dedicated to discussing TFT and bringing players to their ranked goals.

Dishsoap and Frodan's TFT Academy

Lastly, at the start of Set 11, professional player and full-time streamer Dishsoap teamed up with TFT caster, co-streamer, and DTIYDK podcast host Frodan to create their TFT guide website TFT Academy. You will find tier lists, composition guides, and meta reads from both Dishsoap and Frodan that will help you level up your gameplay. Functions planned to be added in the future are a practice tool and a podcast in association with TFT Academy.

TFT Resource Guide: X Accounts that post TFT meta-findings

Whether it's tech that they find themselves in or studying VODs from China, here are a few X accounts to follow of professional players, analysts, and casters that regularly post short meta composition guides on the social media platform. Please note that these examples vary in time and may be from a previous patch.

Clement Chu





TFT Resource Guide: TFT rank and statistics resources

Here are two helpful resources when it comes to learning the basics of the game, checking augment statistics, and finding the rank and match history of yourself and other players.

Rank Website: LoLCHESS.GG

This has been the most widely used ranking website for Teamfight Tactics, including match history. It tracks global data and also has information regarding trending comps. Additionally, there is basic information about the game including stage and unit damage calculations, team builder, unit pool, and more! A notable new function is also the ability to watch the VODs of players straight from the website, allowing you to review the top players and their decision-making.

Stats Website: tactics.tools

This is the premiere website to use when searching up statistics for augments and items to know what your potential best options are during each game you play. It's a tool when used correctly, but can also be harmful or misleading if you're not understanding your situation within your game/reading the data incorrectly.

TFT Resource Guide: Where to find TFT news

If you find yourself having trouble being plugged into TFT news, here are some places you can check out regularly to keep up to date.

Official Teamfight Tactics X

The official X account of Teamfight Tactics regularly posts updates about when b-patches are live as well as information about cosmetics and large-scale patches.

Mortdog X

Lead designer Stephen "Mortdog" Mortimer makes consistent posts about design philosophy, reflections, patch rundowns, and other announcements. Following his account will keep you up to date on changes and is great to keep an eye on.


Passion project funded by TFT lead designer Mortdog, co-headed by Frodan is set to bring you all the relevant news on the meta, patches, and competitive space in all things TFT. Long-time beloved community member Kayna leads the content of TFTHub. Check out TFTHub here.

Don't Talk If You Don't Know Podcast

TFT caster and streamer Dan "Frodan" Chou and co-host Bryce "esportslaw" Blum have a podcast called Don't Talk If You Don't Know. They regularly invite North American (NA) professional players to talk about news, meta, and tournaments. They have recently expanded to Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), with an EMEA edition hosted by ImpetuousPanda and Alanzq. All video and audio of both NA and EMEA podcasts are on their YouTube and Spotify. Check out their X account to find out updates and information regarding the podcast.

The shows are live on the hosts respective Twitch channels:

The Hyper Roll Newsletter

The Hyper Roll newsletter is another resource for your TFT news needs. It also features a podcast hosted by Nicholas "Gangly" DePasquale and TFT professional player Appies. Headed by TFT content extraordinaire Gangly alongside fellow contributor Jack "CLE" Hopkins, the Hyper Roll is another place for TFT enthusiasts to receive information regarding the game.

Hope this was helpful in leveling up your Teamfight Tactics knowledge and gameplay! Stay tuned to esports.gg for the latest TFT news and updates.

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