Thinking about getting into TFT Hyper roll? This is the ultimate guide for you on what the best compositions are at the moment.

Teamfight Tactics is an ever-evolving game for Riot Games. At the time of this article, there is four unique modes to play inside League of Legends auto battler. While we have already gone in-depth on what TFT Hyper roll is, this guide will bring you the best comps to use. This will include quotes from the wonderful Nick 'Gangly' DePasquale, a high elo TFT content creator.

Yorldes,Yordles, Yordles! (TFT Hyper Roll Comps #1)

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Since the dawn of Set 6, Yordles has been a fan favorite composition to use. Not only is this trait viable in standard TFT, but it is the most picked in Hyper roll according to In a mode where players are reliant on low-cost units, paired with a trait that gives players a free unit every round, there is no surprise Yordles are the crème de la crème.

With four out of the six units being at the highest a 2 cost, it is obvious why Yordles would be one of the most popular traits on TFT hyper roll. With the game moving at an incredibly fast pace, players should be able to level up their yordles at a quick rate.

Syndicate plus Assassins (TFT Hyper Roll Comps #2)

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Fans of the Syndicate trait will be sad to see it leave when patch 12.4 rolls around. The Syndicate plus assassins composition is one of the strongest comps in the game. Not only in standard TFT, but in Double-up and Hyper roll too.

While Shaco has always been the primary carry for this composition, players would find better success putting items on both 1 cost units. Those being Darius, who works best with tank items. And Twisted Fate, a strong early game unit that shreds through units with crit items.

Mutants and Protectors (TFT Hyper Roll Comps #3)

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The final TFT Hyper roll comp players should be running is Mutants plus protectors. This is a composition that is a little harder to get the hang of. Simply because your board heavily relies on higher cost champions to reach full build.

As is with the Kow'Maw comp in standard TFT, players should be looking to build around Kog and Kassadin. Early on players should be looking to 3* these units as quickly as possible. Kassadin relies on tank items such as Warmogs to remain in the game the later it goes.

The board is rounded out by three beefy tanks paired with the Kassadin in Dr Mundo, ChoGath and Sion. These three units should provide enough cover for the backline damage of Kog'Maw and Malzahar to do the brunt of the work.

Advice from Gangly for new TFT Hyper roll players

Nick '<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Gangly</a>' DePasquale is a highly successful TFT content creator
Nick 'Gangly' DePasquale is a highly successful TFT content creator

Starting a new TFT mode can be daunting. For some players they just want a fun mode to play when they don't want to grind for the next rank. To help new TFT players out, we had the privilege of speaking to TFT content creator Nick 'Gangly' DePasquale.

The unique difference between standard and Hyper Roll

Hyper roll works slightly different from standard Teamfight Tactics, the games are much shorter in time by as little as five minutes. This is to encourage faster gameplay and usually attends to casual players.

With the decreased time, a players board progression will also change from standard TFT. Gangly explains the unique differences between the two modes and how the changes affect ones board:

"In standard TFT, board strength typically comes in waves with specific breakdown where the majority of players tend to get strong. However, because of the large influx of gold each round, and the lack of interest gold, hyper roll encourages players to constantly make the strongest board with limited resources. Because of this, the average strength of boards in hyper roll is greater than standard TFT in the early and midgame."

TFT content creator Nick 'Gangly' DePasquale

Gangly's tips for the early game

Although players have the option of hard-forcing a composition regardless of their starting units and items, the best TFT players in the world encourage new players to use what is in front of them.

Gangly explains what players should be doing in the early game. This piece of advice will come in handy for players across all TFT modes.

Just like in standard TFT, you should build a comp around the units you have in front of you, as well as the items you’ve selected. If you have tears and rods with a few Arcanist units, lean into the AP tree and play a board around Lux, Viktor, or 3* Malzahar.

If you have early upgraded Trundle, Tristana or Ezreal, lean into the AD tree and play things like Jhin, Urgot, or 3* Trundle. Use a combination of items, units, and gold to determine what the most realistic end game board should look like!

TFT content creator Nick 'Gangly' DePasquale

Why low cost units can thrive in Hyper Roll

Hyper roll allows players who enjoy lower cost units to excel in the early game. All three of our "best" Hyper roll comps offers players the ability to learn how to play around both low cost units and end-game units.

Gangly explains how Hyper roll differentiates between the two modes as Hyper roll allows players to utilize the strength of low cost units.

Typically in Standard TFT, investing heavily into 3* 1 costs makes it very difficult to reach 2* 5 cost units as your level curve will be significantly behind other players who went for a Standard or Fast 8.

However, in Hyper Roll, playing compositions that utilize both 3* 1 costs AND 2* 5 costs such as Innovator or Mutant/Protector allows you to utilize the early game strength of 3* 1 costs and the late game scaling of 2* 5 costs.

TFT content creator Nick 'Gangly' DePasquale

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