Emblems in Teamfight Tactics can grant honorary Traits to a chosen character. Here’s how they work and why they matter in TFT.

Emblems in Teamfight Tactics may first appear rather pointless, but once you understand the power they wield in Traits, you'll definitely change your mind. Here is a breakdown of how Emblems, Traits and the Tome of Traits work in Teamfight Tactics (TFT).

What are Emblems in Teamfight Tactics (TFT)

Emblems are items you can craft that place a permanent buff on a unit. The buff takes the form of a Trait, which can be compared to the class systems in MMOs. So for example, the Punk Emblem will place the Punk Trait on a unit, and the Jazz Emblem places a Jazz Trait on a unit. Emblems are crafted using a Spatula and one other item. You can right click on the Spatula to see the recipes for each Emblem.

Only eight of the 23 Emblem in TFT can be crafted using the Spatula in Set 10:

  • K/DA Emblem = Spatula + Needlessly Large Rod
  • 8-bit Emblem = Spatula + Recurve Bow
  • True Damage Emblem = Spatula + B.F. Sword
  • Punk Emblem = Spatula + Sparring Gloves
  • Emo Emblem = Spatula + Tear of the Goddess
  • Heartsteel Emblem = Spatula + Giant's Belt
  • Pentakill Emblem = Spatula + Chain Vest
  • Jazz Emblem = Spatula + Negatron Cloak

After creating the Emblem, the chosen unit will still get the buff from the item used in the recipe. So for example, for the Emo Emblem, the unit will still gain +15 Mana from the Tear of the Goddess.

What are traits in Teamfight Tactics

Traits are a unit stat that can unlock powerful buffs if your board contains multiple units with the same trait. Each unit in Teamfight Tactics can have up to three traits by default. However, creating a specific Emblem using the Spatula as part of the recipe in-game, can grant the chosen unit an additional honorary trait.

23 New Emblem Traits were added for Set 10: Remix Rumble
23 New Emblem Traits were added for Set 10: Remix Rumble

Doing this is a good way to make use of bonus perks when your board contains a certain number of units with the same Trait. If you've ever seen your units getting powered up when you drop a new unit on the board, that's you hitting a new trait threshold. Do be aware all Traits are either removed or tweaked between Sets, making each Set a completely different experience.

In TFT Set 10 there are 23 standard Traits. Traits are Set specific, and are swapped out once a new Set begins. Here's a breakdown of all 23 Traits in Teamfight Tactics Set 10, along with their perk and the number of units with that Trait needed to unlock a superior grade of buff.

Non-Emblem Traits

In addition to the 23 standard Traits, there are six traits unique to certain units that are non-Emblem traits; EDM, Breakout, ILLBEATS, Wildcard, Mixmaster and Maestro. For example, Sona is the only Champion to have the Mixmaster non-Emblem trait.

TFT Set 10 Emblem Traits and descriptions

There are 23 TFT Emblems Traits, 8 of which can be created using the Spatula and one other item (recipes above). The other remaining 15 non-craftable Emblem traits are either assigned to a Champion by default or can be obtained via the Tome of Traits. Next time you pick a Champion, check their champion profile to see which Traits they have. Below is a breakdown of all 23 TFT Emblem Traits. We've marked which are craftable.

TFT Emblems and Traits
(Number of Trait units) - Bonus
Keep score of your team's damage dealt. For each high score you beat, 8-bit champions gain Attack Damage.(x2) 3.5% Attack DMG
(x4) 6% Attack DMG
(x6) 10% Attack DMG and unlock a final high score that rewards a grand prize
Big Shot

Big Shot Emblem
Big Shots gain Attack Damage, which increases for a few seconds when they use their Ability(x2) 10% ATK, 40% after cast
(x4) 15% ATK, 60% after cast
(x6) 25 ATK, 100% after cast

Bruiser Emblem Set 10
All your units gain 100 Health. Bruisers gain a percentage of max health(x2) +20% Max Health
(x4) + 40% Max Health
(x6) + 80% Max Health

Country Emblem

When your team loses a portion of their Health, call a Dreadsteed that empowers your team. Each Country star level increases the Dreadsteed's Health and Attack Damage.(x3) Summon a Dreadsteed
(x5) Midnight Dreadsteed
(x7) Infernal Invocation Dreadsteed
Crowd Driver

Crowd Diver Emblem

After Crowd Divers die, they leap onto the furthest enemy, dealing magic damage. Enemies within an area of effect are Stunned for a few seconds. (They also deal bonus damage increased by each second)(x2) 5% bonus damage
(x4) 30% bonus damage
(x6) 70% bonus damage

Dazzler Emblem

Dazzlers' Abilities reduce their target's damage by 15% and deal bonus magic damage over 2 seconds.(x2) 20% Magic DMG
(x4) 60% Magic DMG
(x6) 100% Magic DMG

Disco Emblem

Summon a movable Disco Ball.
Combat start: Allies next to it gain Attack Speed and healing immediately and every few seconds.
(x3) 5% ATK Speed / 3% Max HP
(x4) 10% ATK Speed / 4% Max HP
(x5) 2 Disco Balls, 15% ATK Speed / 4% Max HP
(x6) 20% ATK Speed / 6% Max HP

Edgelord Emblem

Edgelords gain Attack Speed, which doubles when their target drops below a maximum Health.

Edgelords with 1-hex range also dash through them on their next attack.
(x3) 30% ATK Speed bonus
(x5) 50% ATK Speed bonus
(x7) 85% ATK Speed bonus
Emo champions' Abilities cost less Mana to cast, and they gain Mana whenever an allied champion dies.(x2) 20% less Mana, gain 10 Mana
(x4) 25% less Mana, gain 20 Mana
(x6) +20 Ability Power, 30% less Mana, gain 25 Mana

Executioner Emblem

Executioner Abilities can critically strike and they gain Critical Strike Damage. Their Critical Strike Chance is increased based on their target's missing Health.(x2) 15% CRIT chance / 15% CRIT DMG
(x4) 30% CRIT chance / 35% CRIT DMG
(x6) 45% CRIT chance / 55% CRIT DMG

Guardian Emblem

Once per combat at 50% Health, Guardians shield themselves and their closest ally for a percent of their max Health.(x2) 30% of max HP shield
(x4) 50% of max HP shield
(x6) 70% of max HP shield
Earn Hearts by killing enemies or losing player combat. Every few player combats, convert Hearts into powerful rewards.(x3) 1x Hearts
(x5) 2.5x Hearts
(x7) 6x Hearts
(x10) 10x Hearts, Gain rewards every round and keep 80% of your Hearts

Hyperpop Emblem

When Hyperpop champions use an Ability, they grant Mana and seconds of Attack Speed to their closest allies.(x1) 3 Mana and 10% Attack Speed
(x2) 5 Mana and 20% Attack Speed
(x3) 7 Mana and 35% Attack Speed
(x4) 10 Mana and 60% Attack Speed
For each active trait (except uniques), your team gains bonus Health and deals bonus damage.(x2) 2% max HP health, 1% bonus DMG
(x3) 3% max HP health, 2% bonus DMG
(x4) 4% max HP health, 3% bonus DMG
Your team gains max Health, Ability Power, and Attack Damage if they are in a lighted hex. K/DA champions gain double!(x3) 10% Max HP, Attack DMG and Ability Power
(x5) 15% Max HP, Attack DMG and Ability Power
(x7) 22% Max HP, Attack DMG and Ability Power
(x10) 50% Max HP, Attack DMG, Ability Power + 10 Mana per second

Mosher Emblem

Moshers gain Attack Speed and Omnivamp, which increases up to more based on their missing Health.(x2) 20% Attack Speed, 10% Omnivamp
(x4) 30% Attack Speed, 15% Omnivamp
(x6) 50% Attack Speed, 20% Omnivamp
Reduces incoming DMG by 1% and deals bonus DMG. For each Champion kill, a Pentakill champion increases damage bonus DMG. On the 5th kill, Pentakill champions grant their team Attack Speed(x3) 15% bonus DMG
(x5) 30% bonus DMG
(x7) 45% bonus DMG
(x10) 50% bonus DMG reduction and 110% bonus DMG
Punks gain bonus Health and Attack Damage, which increases by 1% every time you spend gold on a Shop reroll.

After Punks fight in combat, your 1st Shop reroll costs 1 gold and grants a first roll bonus instead.
(x2) 170 Health and 17% Attack DMG
(x4) 280 Max Health and 28% Attack DMG
(x6) 420 Max Health and 42% Attack DMG

Rapid Fire Emblem

Your team gains Attack Speed.

Rapidfire champions gain more on every attack, up to 10 stacks.
(x2) 4% Attack Speed
(x4) 7% Attack Speed
(x6) 12% Attack Speed

Sentinel Emblem

Your team gains Armor and Magic Resist. Sentinels gain double.(x2) 16 Armor and Magic Resist
(x4) 30 Armor and Magic Resist
(x6) 60 Armor and Magic Resist
(x8) 125 Armor and Magic Resist

Spellweaver Emblem

Your team gains Ability Power. Spellweavers gain more, plus extra Ability Power whenever a Spellweaver casts an Ability.(x3) +20 Ability Power, +1 per cast
(x5) +35 Ability Power, +1 per cast
(x7) +60 Ability Power, +2 per cast
(x10) +120 Ability Power, +10 per cast

Superfan Emblem

Superfans improve your Headliner!

Omnivamp: Heal for percentage of damage dealt
(x3) Headliner gets a completed item
(x4) Headliner gets bonus Health and Omnivamp
(x5) The Item granted upgrades to Radiant version
True Damage
 If a True Damage champion are holding an item, they gain a unique Bling Bonus for their Ability.(x2) 15% DmG
(x4) 30% DMG
(x6) 45% DMG
(x9) 125% Damage, Bling Bonusses go Platinum!
The 23 TFT Emblems traits and perks in Set 10

How does Tome of Traits work in TFT

Tome of Traits is a droppable item that gives you a choice of four different Emblems. Any Emblem can drop in the Tome of Traits. However, your existing traits impact the drop rate. Having more of a specific Trait on your board, increases your chances of it being dropped in the Tome of Traits. These drops are called Tailored emblems.

Tome of Traits
Tome of Traits
  • 0 to 5 traits grants all random emblems
  • 6 to 7 traits grants 1 tailored emblem and 3 random emblems
  • 8 to 9 traits grants 2 tailored emblems and 2 random emblems
  • 10 to 11 traits grants 3 tailored emblems and 1 random emblem
  • 12+ traits grants all tailored emblems

To improve your odds of getting the Emblem you want from the Tome of Traits, consider using the Tome of Traits during the creep rounds. That way you can organize your board to ensure you avoid having multiples of any other traits outside of the one you want to drop. It's not a perfect science, but anything to increase the odds in your favor will pay off in Teamfight Tactics.


TFT Emblems are a core part of progressing your knowledge in Teamfight Tactics. Next time you play, pay attention to your units and which traits they possess. Interestingly, on the left hand side of your screen in-game, TFT also tracks how many you have of each currently on the board.