Cross progression was on the wishlist for players when Street Fighter 6 was announced, but did Capcom come through in the end?

With Street Fighter 6 having crossplay, meaning you can play with players across any platform, many were hoping that cross progression — as in your progress carrying over even if you switch platform — would be a feature. So is cross progression a thing in SF6? Here’s the answer:

Cross-progression in SF6?

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Unfortunately there is no cross progression in Street Fighter 6. This is despite requests from the community, and the fact you have to link your universal Capcom ID to the game in order to log in to it. As a result, if you started your game on Steam, and then switched to PS5 later, there’s no way to import your unlocks, your progression, your avatar or anything else.

Luckily, this shouldn’t affect anything competitive, but it’s a huge let down if you wanted to keep your unlocked outfits. Or if you splurged for Deluxe edition on one platform, and the basic edition on another. Additionally, any DLC you purchase for one platform won’t carry over to any other platforms you own the game on. 

That’s a real pain for unlocking the DLC characters in the future, and likely means you’ll need to buy a season pass or the DLC multiple times if you’re planning on using multiple platforms.

Overall, it’s a huge disappointment that there’s no cross progression in Street Fighter 6, but hopefully Capcom will see the light and add it in a future update.

Is Street Fighter 6 crossplay?

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Luckily, the answer to this one, as we mentioned above, is yes! Even though you can’t carry your progress with you, you can still play with people all over the world on both console and PC. That means Xbox Series X and S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Steam on PC. However, at the moment Xbox’s edition of Street Fighter 6 hasn't been released yet.

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