Give your Master gifts to level up your Bond in Street Fighter 6 World Tour. Need to know the best gift to give? We have you covered!

In Street Fighter 6 World Tour, your Masters will have a Bond level that must be raised to unlock more moves, more specials, Super Arts, and even their Outfit 2 or Classic Outfit. While you can work out some of the best gifts from dialog, game knowledge, and more, some are pretty out there, so we've put together a quick gift guide to help you out in SF6.

(This guide will be updated as and when DLC characters release. Rashid and AKI are added below)

Street Fighter 6 Gift Guide

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In Street Fighter 6, there's some rare unique gifts, that you'll only find one or two of, as well as some common gifts. Below we've compiled the best easy to obtain gifts for each Master in Street Fighter 6. You'll acquire some of these during the story, and others you'll have to buy later. We've listed the location each of these is sold below:

Best gifts for each SF6 Master and location to buy

Where to Buy/Find
A.K.I.FanChina (Defeat NPC Ioannis with A.K.I.'s style)
BlankaKnock-Off Blanka ChanJamaica
CammyJellied EelJamaica
Chun LiCanned HerringNayshall
Dee JayLukewarm BeerBrazil
DhalsimInstant Curry (Ultra Mild)Nayshall
Edmond HondaRubber DuckiesItaly
JamieBao Bao Bro StickerJamaica
JPAntique Playing CardsJamaica
KimberlyThe Answer Lies in the Heart of LoveJamaica
LilyCelery ChipsJamaica
LukeRed Elevator 8Jamaica
MarisaCold Tomato SoupFrance
RashidJunk DiskMetro City (defeat NPCs)
RyuSobaMetro City
ZangiefCarved Wooden Bear StatueRussia

Some of these aren't the only high Bond-boosting gift for each master. And other Masters will get bonuses from certain other gifts. You can also just spam lower-bond-boosting gifts, as no matter the gift you'll get between 1-2 Bond points.

Best unique gift for Masters in Street Fighter 6

Each Master also has a favorite gift that's unique in the game. These will give a +40 bond. There's usually just one of these in the entire World Tour, or it's incredibly limited. You'll only be able to gift each one to the correct Master, so don't worry about giving them to the wrong person! If you find one of these in your Inventory, here's who to give it to:

A.K.I.(Complete The Secret Sentient Sidekick mission in Metro City)
CammyNeco Acrylic Keychain
Chun LiCitrus Perfume
Dee JayHeartBeatBB
DhalsimSupreme Instant Curry
Edmond HondaTiramisu Boba
GuileCoffee Mill
JamieQuestionable Energy Drink
JPAbsurd Check
JuriPricey Cheque/Pricey Check
KenSkateboard Keychain
KimberlyVintage Earbuds
LilyGummy Caterpillar
LukeStrawberry Fighter 6
ManonCommemorative Medal
MarisaLion Necklace
RashidSushi Memory Stick
RyuClassy Confectionaries

Rashid's update on July 24 added the ability to give the Absurd Check to JP. Originally, this gift wasn't tied to any master.

We'll update this as we know where and how to get each of these items, and add in any missing pieces!

Street Fighter 6 Haggler Skill

One way to make it easier to get gifts for your Master is with the Haggler Skill. This Skill, which is on Skill Tree 4's second level, for 9 points, allows you to get discounted rates when shopping. It says "Clothing Stores" but this works on all stores, including the ones selling gift items for your Master. So if you're looking for an easier way to level up and don't want to grind Zeny, this is a great way to do that!

Why raise your Bond with a Master in Street Fighter 6?

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Raising your Bond unlocks new dialog, opportunities to spar with your Master (which winning raises the Bond even more), more specials, more Super Arts, and finally, the Outfit 2 for your chosen Master. Obviously, this is a huge boon, as it's an outfit that usually costs 50 Fighter Coins of premium currency, or requires you to buy a Deluxe or Special Edition. As a result, we recommend levelling up the bond as soon as possible!

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