Have you been wondering how to connect your controller up to Steam for Street Fighter 6? This is the guide for you!

Connecting your controller to a game on Steam can be tricky. Even after connecting it up, the button configuration does not work as on a standard console. With Street Fighter 6 fast approaching, esports.gg has compiled a simple guide to ensure your controller is suitable to go on Steam for June 2!

While Steam does have its own purchasable controllers, most players will often find themselves hooking up one of their old console controllers - unless you want to look extra cool and bring your arcade stick to the party.

How to connect your controller to Steam

Connecting a controller to Steam has become a much simpler task over the years with the application gradually offering configuration tools for many controllers. Steam has your back, whether your controller is Xbox, Playstation or even Nintendo Switch. Here is how you can connect your controller to Steam so you are ready to go for the launch of Street Fighter 6.

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  1. Ensure your controller connects to your PC. To check your controller's connection just check your devices in the devices tab on Windows.
  2. Now that your controller is connected, head on over to Steam. In the top left corner, select the Steam button which will open the settings tab.
  3. Using the side panel, select the controller tab. From there select controller configuration settings. This will launch Steam in big-picture mode.
  4. You will be given a list of configuration options to select the settings that suit the type of controller you have. You will be able to tell that your controller is connected to your computer through the "detected controllers" displayed in the bottom left.

How to connect your controller to Street Fighter 6

Now that you have your controller set up, the next task is setting the controller up to Street Fighter 6. One of the cool features of Steam is that you can configure your controller for each individual game. You do not have to change your settings every time you play a different game.

Here is how you connect your controller to Street Fighter 6 on Steam:

  1. Open up your Steam library and right-click on Street Fighter 6.
  2. Select the properties tab and head on over to controller.
  3. You will see that the controller you connected earlier configurated for Street Fighter 6 with general settings.
  4. Optionally you can change the button configuration on Steam by selecting the input settings just above.

Hopefully, now you will be able to play Street Fighter 6 on Steam using a controller!

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