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What is the best time to stream on Twitch?

When should YOU be streaming on Twitch?

Streaming on Twitch is an adventure, which sometimes can be pretty demotivating. It is tough being able to find the best time to stream. When will you have the highest viewer count? What games should be streamed at certain times? The answer is a lot easier than you think.

So what is the best time to stream on Twitch? Let's break it down.

Streaming on Twitch: The best time to stream specific games

Are you a variety streamer? Or do you stream one specific game? Either way, blowing up your Twitch stream can be difficult, but if done right, you could see a massive success hit your channel.

So when should you stream? There are a few factors to consider when choosing the best time to go live on Twitch.

  1. What is the best time to stream on Twitch?
  2. What game should you play?
  3. Know your audience

Best time to stream on Twitch

The best time to stream on Twitch can vary. Lots of people are streaming throughout the day. Finding the times with the least amount of competition will help you gain followers MUCH faster.

Best time frame to stream on Twitch:

  • 11 pm EST - 8 am EST

These hours end up being when a good majority of the world is either asleep or at work, so viewership on Twitch is usually at its lowest. Although it may be tough to go live at these hours, it could end up making your entire Twitch career.

Here is a list of the best times to stream on Twitch for a few popular titles:

  • Fortnite: 11 pm EST - 6 am EST
  • Apex Legends: 2 am EST - 7 am EST
  • Call of Duty: 2 am EST - 11 am EST
  • Valorant: 2 am EST - 11 am EST
  • Rocket League: 12 am EST - 9 am EST
  • League of Legends: 2 am EST - 6 am EST

Be aware that many streamers will be more active on weekends, making it a bit more difficult to find new viewers during those days.

What Twitch games should you play?

The game you play on Twitch is a HUGE component of when you should stream. Analytics prove that certain games do better for streamers at different times throughout the day. Every game is different. Websites like Twitch Strike allow you to find the best time to stream specific games.

Best time to stream on Twitch (Image via Uscreen)
Best time to stream on Twitch (Image via Uscreen)

One thing to take in mind though, especially if you are a variety streamer, is that these stats are not always consistent. Sometimes you may stream at a time that usually does well for you, but ends up giving you poor numbers one day. This is okay, and just a part of the journey of streaming. Don't let it get you down!

Be sure to know your audience!

Your audience plays a major part in figuring out what time you should stream on Twitch. You may have a younger audience, making streaming during the day cause you to have low numbers. Kids are in school, you have to remember that.

Or do you have a bit older audience? I mean, let's be honest. Who is REALLY doing their jobs nowadays? Lots of adults may have you up on the side while they are working.

This is another huge factor that should be considered when figuring out the best time to stream.

New to streaming?

New to streaming and you are trying to figure out when to go live? Your best bet is to check the game you plan on playing on Twitch Strike to see when you should attempt streaming.

Just remember that some days will provide better numbers than others. Goodluck, and have fun!

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