Here is how you can rewind a Twitch stream to rewatch your favorite moments or catch up on what you may have missed.

Trying to go back and rewatch some of your favorite streamer's live streams? Or do you simply want to catch up on a funny moment you may have missed? Unfortunately, Twitch does not have the best options for rewinding a Twitch stream, but it does have a few ways around the dilemma.

Here is how to rewind a Twitch stream.

Rewind your favorite Twitch stream

There are two ways to rewind a Twitch stream. Both are relatively easy but seem a bit redundant at the same time. Hopefully, in the future, the platform implements a better system that allows viewers to rewind a live stream.

But for now, here are the best ways to head backward in a streamer's VOD.

How to rewind a Twitch stream:

  • Click the Clip button
  • Rewind the Twitch VOD

1. Click the Clip button

How to rewind a Twitch stream
How to rewind a Twitch stream

The first option is to click on the Clip button, which sits in the bottom right-hand corner of the stream and looks like a film slate. Unfortunately, though, this option only grabs the last 90 seconds of the stream, which is pretty limited for those looking to rewind farther back.

Still, the Clip button is a solid option for those looking to grab a moment in the stream right after it happens.

2. Rewind the Twitch VOD

How to rewind on Twitch
How to rewind on Twitch

Another way you can rewind the stream is by going into the VOD. This part is a little more of a struggle because the viewer will have to wait until the stream is over to rewind the VOD. Unfortunately, streams are not fully published until after the live stream has ended, which makes it more difficult for those trying to rewatch their favorite moments from a stream.

Your best bet is to hope that someone clipped the scene, that way you have an easy way to watch the clip.

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