Here are a few steps to go through if you are facing the ‘Ranked Playlist Offline’ error in Rocket League.

If you’ve just started Rocket League and are met with the ‘Ranked Playlist Offline’ error you are not alone. It is a frustrating experience not to be able to play ranked right away. Here are a few solutions to fix this problem. 

The Rocket League ‘Ranked Playlist offline’ error usually occurs right after a big update or a season launch. Unfortunately, that is also when most players want to get into the game to get a headstart into the season. The error means you are unable to play the Ranked Playlist, although you can still enjoy other playlists.

How to fix Rocket League Ranked Playlist offline error?

Check your Internet connection

The first step is to check your internet connection. Quite often, lack of adequate connection to the server will send you offline and inadvertently show Ranked Playlist Offline at times. 

While there is a good chance this might not be the issue, it’s often the easiest to fix and quite a common problem.

Restart the game

A quick restart of the game can work wonders if the game has not launched properly. Restarting the game also ensures that any corrupted files or incomplete files might require an additional download.

Check the Rocket League server status

Sometimes, there are server-side issues that prevent a stable connection with your system. If this is the case, there’s not much you can do. However, you can verify if it is a server-side issue by checking the server status.

Thankfully, Epic Games has a public official page that tracks the server status and connection issues for its games. You can check the page by clicking here. If it shows Operational (usually in green) next to Rocket League, it might be a ‘You’ problem.

Spend some time playing offline 

The final piece of advice is to simply wait it out. While the Ranked Playlist offline error is not a very common one, it does tend to occur a lot more after Major updates. Psyonix is usually checking repeatedly for any player problems and these issues tend to receive a fix within a few hours.

And finally, just go and enjoy Rocket League in various other modes, even in Offline mode. The game is best played with friends, but you can work on your dribbling skills when you are alone.