When does Operation Solar Raid release in Rainbow Six Siege? cover image

When does Operation Solar Raid release in Rainbow Six Siege?

A new Operator, a new map and much more to come with Operation Solar Raid’s release.

Shortly after the Six Jönköping Major 2022, Rainbow Six Siege fans are waiting for the next big game update. The next R6 patch will feature significant changes as well as a new operation - one that is sure to get a lot of players excited to boot up the game once again. Here’s all we know about Operation Solar Raid release date and time.

New Y7S4 content is coming out soon after the Six Jönköping Major. The Six Jönköping Major ends on November 27 with the winning team earning $200,000. The best Rainbow Six Siege teams from across the world gathered in Sweden to compete in the final Major of the year.


Operation Solar Raid release Date

The Operation Solar Raid release date is on December 6, 2022.

The new update is slated to be one of the biggest updates for Rainbow Six Siege with several features making their way into the game. Some of these features include cross-play and cross-progression. There will also be a new map, a new operator a ranked 2.0 playlist and more.

While the exact Operation Solar raid release time is not yet public knowledge, based on past operation reveals we can estimate the release time. Operation Solar Raid should release around 10:00 EST.

New Operator - Solis

"Solis can clearly analyze and identify Attacker devices including drones, breaching devices, and more. Her gloves also allow her to interact with the gadget overlay and trigger a cluster scan. Solis is a medium speed, medium health Operator, carrying the P90 or an ITA 12L as a primary weapon and an SMG-11 as a secondary weapon," Ubisoft said.

Siege’s new operator, Solis, can pick up ‘crucial information’ that teams can use to their advantage. She gets the P90 and an SMG as the secondar weapon. 

With it’s real name - Ana Valentina Díaz - Solis trusts data more than people. The Colombian operator, proficient in Ballistics is aged 37 and is a key member in Rainbow Six Siege.  

In addition to the new operator, there will also be Nighthaven Launch, which will be available on launch on December 6.

Both Attackers and Defenders will have to avoid getting too comfortable as they could easily be flanked and lose their position. Built for creative strategies, this R&D facility challenges players to take advantage of unusual opportunities like the runout hatch just outside Meeting Room