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Rainbow Six Siege is a game best enjoyed with friends and (sometimes) family. The game requires strategic coordination and constant communication to be impactful. However, sometimes, players who are eager to play with their friends might have to deal with the game crashing. Here’s how to fix Rainbow Six Siege crashing on Startup.

How to Fix Rainbow Six Siege Crashing on Startup

Check System Requirements

This step is mostly for players who have recently changed their PC or are new players. Ensuring your system can actually handle the game is important because otherwise, the game simply would crash and not load 

In most cases, this is something you should do before you actually install the game, but there are occasions when it might be the case that you simply forgot. 

Update your Windows

The next step is to simply update your Windows. Quite often, pending updates can cause issues to the game’s start. This will also ensure that the drivers necessary to run the game are automatically updated.

Update Graphics Drivers

The next step is to manually update the system’s drivers. Updating the system’s drivers means that any drivers necessary to launch the game will be automatically downloaded. 

Verify the Integrity of Game Files

Sometimes, game files can be corrupted and that results in the game simply being unable to start up. Rainbow Six Siege crashing on startup is a usual result due to this error. This is an easy fix as Rainbow Six Siege can redownload the game. Here’s how to Verify Integrity of the Game Files on Steam as well as Ubisoft.

Disable Background Applications

On some occasions, certain other third-party applications can be the main reason for the game to crash upon startup. This is mainly the case with anti-virus softwares. The Windows Microsoft Defender is one of the primary causes for Rainbow Six Siege crashing on startup. You should try to disable the third-party applications to prevent them from interfering with the game’s start.

The final step is always about sending a support ticket. In case none of the above steps work out, you can send a support ticket to Ubisoft that will enable you to get professional help and play the game again.