Everything you need to know about Deimos.

The new operator Deimos arrives for Rainbow Six Siege (R6) fans on March 11. With Gerald Morris as his name, Deimos comes directly from Birmingham, AL. He's also 51 years old. Deimos was announced ahead of the Six Invitational final in Brazil.

Deimos guide

Deimos brings some new features that can influence the gameplay of his opponents. To maximize his effectiveness, the player using Deimos should be smart and sneaky. This Deimos guide provides some insights into how the attacking operator can be more effective.

Deimos guide: Loadout

  • Primary Weapon: AK-74M (Assault Rifle), M590A1 (Shotgun)
  • Secondary Weapon: .44 VENDETTA (Handgun)
  • Gadget: Frag Grenade, Hard Brach Charge, Smoke Grenade
  • Unique Ability: Deathmark Tracker
The .44 VENDETTA seems like an interesting option (Image via Ubisoft)
The .44 VENDETTA seems like an interesting option (Image via Ubisoft)

How to use Deathmark Tracker

Like any operator introduced into the game, Deimo is distinguished by a unique ability. However, how can the player use Deimos' Deathmark Tracker? There are some details about using this skill that are important to note.

The drone is like a small helicopter. Deathmark Tracker targets an opponent for Deimos. This forces the Deimos player to communicate with their teammates about the marking.

Deimos has three Deathmark Trackers to use throughout a round. If a player is marked by Deimos, the drone will be near them for 15 seconds.

Deathmark Tracker is Deimos' unique ability (Image via Ubisoft)
Deathmark Tracker is Deimos' unique ability (Image via Ubisoft)

The player also cannot use the primary weapon while the ability is active. The secondary weapon, the .44 VENDETTA, appears to be a very effective weapon, but the few bullets in the magazine make it look like a balanced weapon.

Deimos appears to be an attack operator who is very focused on extracting information for his team. It's possible to imagine a more passive play style with him on a team. Having access to Deimos' Deathmark Tracker during the beginning or middle of a round is very valuable for the team due to the information it provides.

Where should you use Deimos?

It's still difficult to predict or calculate areas of a map or specific maps where Deimos might be good in. The condition that Deimos cannot use his primary weapon while using Deathmark Tracker can be tricky.

It won't be rewarding to use Deathmark Tracker in a situation where you are exposed to multiple angles and are vulnerable. A player can also use Deimos as bait and have him on one side of an area while the rest of the team is on the other side.

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