Why has your Incense changed colour?

Incense is a staple item in Pokémon GO. There are Green standard Incense, and the Blue Daily Adventure Incense. However, sometimes your Incense is Orange, why is that?

You can't buy a special Orange Incense, your standard Green Incense will instead be orange.

What is Orange Incense in Pokémon GO?

If your Incense is Orange, that means that there is currently a special event happening in Pokémon GO. The event currently in progress, whatever it is at the time, has special Incense spawns.

This could be an event like the 2023 Sinnoh Tour. Throughout the event, a range of Unown's were spawning exclusively via Incense. Pokémon GO also has Incense Days, where special Pokémon spawn via Incense.

The most recent example of this was Ferroseed Incense Day, which took place in May 2024. Throughout this event, trainers will have seen Orange Incense instead of the usual Green in Pokémon GO.

Trainers will also notice Orange Incense in Pokémon GO during Pokémon GO Community Days. This popular monthly event features a single Pokémon during the event, which will also spawns through Incense. During Community Day, one Incense lasts the entire event.

Orange vs Green Incense

In essence, Orange and Green Incense are the same. They are activated by the same item. However, they simply spawn different Pokémon.

Orange Incense will spawn the featured Pokémon of the event, whatever that may be. Whereas the standard Green Incense will spawn any Pokémon currently available in the game.

How to get Orange Incense

With Orange Incense being the same as Green, the way to get it is simple. Any existing Incense you have in your Item Bag will be Orange when used during an event.

If you're low on Incense, there are a few ways to get them. Either in the in game Item Shop (they cost 40 coins), as a reward for levelling up or via completing Special or Timed Research tasks.

On Incense Days, you can get an Incense from the Item Shop for a single coin.

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