Beast Balls are a powerful tool in Pokémon GO.

The latest Ultra Unlock Challenge in Pokémon GO promises Beast Balls for GO Fest: Global. But, what are Beast Balls and why is Niantic making us work so hard collectively to unlock them?

We've got you covered on everything you need to know about Beast Balls ahead of an jam-packed week of Ultra Beast action.

What do Beast Balls do in Pokémon GO?

Beast Balls are a special type of Poké Ball in Pokémon GO. They significantly increase the chance of catching Ultra Beasts. That means that you can catch more of some of the most powerful Pokémon in the game, including Necrozma. This can be fused into either Dusk Mane or Dawn Wings Necrozma. These are two very powerful Pokémon.

What is the Beast Ball catch rate?

The Beast Ball catch rate works the same as other Poké Balls in Pokémon GO, but with a much higher base value. Catch rates in Pokémon GO is determined by the Ball used, any Berry used, the type of throw, if that throw was curved, your catch medal and the type of encounter.

We won't dive into the pretty complicated mathematics, you can read a full explainer here if you're interested However, we can show you just how powerful Beast Balls are. The "Ball" value for a standard Premier Ball after a Raid is 1.05, for an Ultra Ball it is 2. In comparison, Beast Balls have a catch value of 20.

That means that using Beast Balls, even without things like an Excellent Throw or using a Golden Razz Berry, are very powerful. Should they be unlocked, you will catch almost all of the Ultra Beasts you encounter during GO Fest Global.

How do you get Beast Balls in Pokémon GO?

Naturally, being so powerful, it is rare that we get access to Beast Balls in the game. We last saw them in 2022, which was their debut. Now, if Trainers want Beast Balls for GO Fest: Global, a Global Challenge must be completed. Before the end of Friday, 30 MILLION Raids must be completed worldwide to unlock access to Beast Balls.

So far, Trainers are about 20% of the way there. The community does have a good track record with Global Challenges, so this target should be met.

After GO Fest: Global, it might be some time before we see Beast Balls in Pokémon GO again.

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