Regice Pokémon GO Raid Guide: Best counters & candy tips cover image

Regice Pokémon GO Raid Guide: Best counters & candy tips

Take down Regice in Pokémon GO.

Regice is back in Pokémon GO raids from March 14 until March 21. Regice isn't really a meta relevant Pokémon in Pokémon GO, but it's a cool looking Pokémon. Plus, the shiny version is available so now is a great time to try and add that to your collection.

Of course, battling 5 star Raids in Pokémon GO also gives you 10,000 XP and at least 1000 Stardust per raid. So, even tho Regice isn't the strongest of Pokémon there is still plenty of reason to take on these raids.

Best Regice counters in Pokémon GO:

Regice is, unsurprisingly, a single Ice-type Pokémon. That gives it four weaknesses in Pokémon GO. Regice is weak to Fighting, Rock, Fire and Steel-type Pokémon.

We have plenty of strong options available to use in these categories.

Here are the best Regice counters in Pokémon GO:

Mega Blaziken
Counter & Blast Burn
Mega Y Charizard
Fire Spin & Blast Burn
Fire Fang & Fusion Flare
Double Kick & Sacred Sword
Mega Diance
Rock Throw & Rock Slide
Mega Rayquaza
Dragon Tail & Dragon Ascent
Low Kick & Sacred Sword
Primal Groudon
Mud Shot & Fire Punch
Mega Alakazam
Counter & Focus Blast
Bullet Punch & Meteor Mash
Mega Tyranitar
Smack Down & Stone Edge
Fire Spin & Magma Storm

As you can see, we have a good variety of Mega, Legendary and common Pokémon to choose from. Metagross should be an easy Pokémon to use, as Beldum was spawning everywhere during last weeks Pokémon Horizons event. You'd also struggle to not have a Charizard in your Pokémon GO storage!

The Pokémon you might not have from this list is Diancie or Keldeo. But, with lots of other great Regice counters available don't worry if you're missing them.

Mega Evolutions to get you more Regice Candy in Pokémon GO

Mega Evolutions can help you get more candy and XL candy with every catch. Having a mega level 3 active that boosts candy for Ice types will give you an extra 2 candy per catch, as well as a 25% bonus to your XL candy chance.

Here are the Pokémon you can Mega Evolve to get more Regice Candy in Pokémon GO:

  • Abomasnow
  • Glalie

How many trainers do I need to beat Regice in Pokémon GO?

Regice isn't a powerful Pokémon in Pokémon GO, but it does have a very high Defense stat which can make it a little tricker to take down. You're more likely to run out of time than run out of Pokémon!

With that in mind, a team of three higher level trainers (maybe two with Party Play) should be able to take Regice down. Lower level trainers should aim for a group of at least five.

Regice Pokémon GO 100% IV

With Regice not having meta relevance their IV's aren't as important, but we all want that four star Regice anyway... lets be honest!

Here are the CP values to keep an eye out for when catching Regice in Pokémon GO:

  • 1784 CP
  • 2230 CP (Weather boosted)

Weather Effects:

Weather boost can help you save candy, get better IVs and benefit from power boosts on your team. Here are the weather effects to keep an eye on when taking on these raids.

Your Fire-type counters will be boosted.
Regice's Earthquake will be boosted.
Partly Cloudy
Your Fighting-type counters will be boosted.
Regice's Fighting-type moves will be boosted.
Regice will be a higher CP when caught.
Regice's Ice-type moves will be boosted.

Snowy weather can of course be hard to come by in a lot of places. But don't worry, a weather boosted Regice isn't that important. Sunny weather is your best friend here.

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