Pokémon’s new Stellar type: A quick breakdown cover image

Pokémon’s new Stellar type: A quick breakdown

Pokémon’s new Indigo Disk DLC has introduced a brand-new type.

The new Stellar type introduces a new dimension to the games. Accessible by all Pokémon, the new type has lots of offensive properties that are bound to change the Pokémon landscape for the rest of the Scarlet and Violet era. So, let's break down what the new type can do.

A brief rundown of Pokémon's new Stellar type

The new Stellar type in Pokémon is one of a kind. The best way to understand the new type is to consider it like a Mega Evolution of sorts with some slight differences. It's important to note that there aren't any moves or Pokémon that have the Stellar typing. Rather, it's a state that a Pokémon can be in while they are Terastallized.

Stellar-type Terastallization (Image via The Pokémon Company)
Stellar-type Terastallization (Image via The Pokémon Company)

The Stellar type and the type chart

What's unique about the Stellar type is its relation to the typing chart. The new Pokémon type has no weaknesses or immunities. It also has one strength. The Stellar type is super effective against other Terastallized Pokémon. Additionally, while a Pokémon is Terastallized into the type, they still keep their base typing's defensive properties.

Currently, there are only two Stellar-type moves. There's Tera Blast, which every Pokémon can learn through a TM, but remains a Normal-type move until the Pokémon Terastallizes. So to utilize a Stellar-type Terra Blast, the Pokémon needs to be Terastallized and have a Stellar-type Terastallization. Then there's Tera Starstorm, which is the signature move of the new legendary Pokémon, Terrapagos. But like Tera Blast, it remains a Normal-type move until Terrapagos Terastallizes.

Terastallizing a Pokémon (Image via The Pokémon Company)
Terastallizing a Pokémon (Image via The Pokémon Company)

Additionally, in terms of offence, the Stellar type provides quite a unique benefit. Each attack that a Terastallized Pokémon uses gets an increased same type attack bonus (STAB) multiplier. Typically, if a Pokémon uses an attack that has the same type as the Pokémon, that move's power is multiplied by 1.5 times. However, while Terastallized into the Stellar type, this STAB bonus is only for one attack and has a 2x STAB multiplier that can be more than enough damage in some cases.

For example, if your Ground and Grass-type Torterra Terastallized  into the Stellar type and is hit by a Thunderbolt, then Torterra will still be immune to the move. At the same time, if you get hit by a snowflake or any Ice-type move, then you aren't living to tell the tale. And if your Torterra uses the now Stellar Tera Blast against an already Terastallized Pokémon, it'll deal super effective damage.

Torterra meme (Image via sinnohs.champion on Instagram)
Torterra meme (Image via sinnohs.champion on Instagram)

The Special case of Terrapagos

With Terrapagos being the poster child for the Indigo Disk DLC, here's how it works. Once Terrapagos Terastallizes, it turns into its third and final form. The Stellar form of Terrapagos gains a total of 100 more total stats, landing it at 700 base stat total (BST). This puts Stellar Terrapagos in ninth place for the highest BST Pokémon. This is just under Zygarde's complete form and tied with other Mega Evolutions and legendaries like Mega Tyranitar or Kyurem White. For the moment, this is the only Pokémon to receive an additional form or any bonus outside of the standard Terastallization.

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