Here are the featured Pokémon and bonuses this month.

Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour provides trainers a weekly one-hour window to go after a specific Pokémon. Each week, the Pokémon GO Spotlight hour features a specific Pokémon and provides trainers a specific bonus for participating.

The featured Pokémon gets hugely boosted spawns, meaning that you can catch a huge number of the featured Pokémon across Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour. The associated bonus can make this hour some of the best times to grind Pokémon GO.

Here is the current Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour schedule and bonuses for April 2024:

What is the next Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour?

The next Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour will be a three for one bonanza! To coincide with the Bug Out! event, three Pokémon will be featured.

The featured Pokémon will be Caterpie, Weedle and Wurmple. These Pokémon will appear more frequently before 6 and 7PM local time.

As well as boosted spawns, the next Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour will have the following bonus of 2x Catch Stardust. That could be boosted to 3.5x, if you use a Starpiece. This makes a great opportunity to grab some extra Stardust.

Image: Niantic
Image: Niantic

Can Caterpie, Weedle and Wurmple be shiny in Pokémon GO?

All three of Caterpie, Weedle and Wurmple can be shiny. However, Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour does not boost the shiny rates of the featured Pokémon. If you want to hunt shiny Pokémon during Spotlight Hour, you'll need to 'shiny check' as many Pokémon as possible.

However, with so many Pokémon spawning your chances of getting a shiny are higher, because you can check so many of a single Pokémon in an hour.

Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour Schedule April 2024

Spotlight Hour Date
Featured Pokémon
Featured Bonus
Shiny available?
April 2Zubat2x Transfer CandyYes
April 9Croagunk2x Evolution XPYes
April 16Caterpie, Weedle, Wurmple2x Catch StardustYes
April 23Trubbish2x Catch XPYes
April 30Clefairy2x Catch CandyYes

One particular highlight for April 2024 is the Trubbish Spotlight Hour. Trubbish awards 750 Stardust when caught. That means that despite no Stardust bonus, that Spotlight Hour will still be a great way to earn extra 'dust.

Spotlight Hour tips and tricks

With this weekly event only lasting an hour, it's important to make the most of the event. Here are some general tips and tricks for Spotlight Hour:

  • Shiny checking is great for locating that shiny. Simply click on a Pokémon, and instantly back out if it is not shiny. You can know if you checked a Pokémon by seeing if it is facing you on the map or not.
  • You can catch a LOT of Pokémon during a Spotlight Hour. So, make sure you clear out enough space in your Bag before the hour starts.
  • Any Incense or Lures used during Spotlight Hour will spawn the featured Pokémon of that day.
  • During Evolve or Transfer bonus Hours, use tags to mark the Pokémon you wish to Transfer or Evolve during that hour to save time and be more efficient.
  • 2x Transfer Candy bonus hours are the best time to transfer away Legendary Pokémon that you don't need.

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