A day to look forward too.

Cleffa Hatch Day is coming to Pokémon GO. On Sunday, April 28 between 14:00 and 17:00 local time, trainers will be able to hatch Cleffa more frequently from 2 km Eggs.

There are a range of event bonuses during the day, making this a fun and rewarding Pokémon GO event. Niantic have also made some improvements to common complaints from recent Hatch Day events.

So, what are the event details and how can you make the most of Cleffa Hatch Day in Pokémon GO?

Pokémon GO Cleffa Hatch Day event details and bonuses

Here is everything you need to know about Cleffa Hatch Day:

  • Cleffa will hatch much more frequently from 2 km Eggs. You’ll also have an increased chance of hatching Shiny Cleffa.
  • 2× Candy from hatching Eggs.
  • 2 km Eggs will will drop more frequently from PokéStops.

All Pokémon GO players will also get a free Timed Research. This will award a Super Incubator and XP.

There will also be an additional paid Timed Research. This will cost $1. The rewards will be:

  • 2x Hatch Stardust
  • 1x Star Piece
  • 1x Super Incubator
  • XP

While it is a shame to see 2x Hatch Stardust locked behind a paid ticket, this low cost add-on does significantly improve the rewards you can get from Cleffa Hatch Day in Pokémon GO. If you plan to hatch a lot of eggs, this is probably worth your Dollar.

Image: Niantic
Image: Niantic

Cleffa Hatch Day: 100% IV

The 100% IV value to keep an eye out for with any Cleffa you hatch is 383 CP.

Extended bonuses help fix Hatch Day problem

For the first time in Pokémon GO, the Cleffa Hatch Day will have extended bonuses. These will apply from Friday, April 26 at 10:00, and last until the end of the Hatch Day.

These bonuses will be:

  • 1/2 Egg Hatch Distance when Eggs are placed into Incubators.
  • Event-themed Field Research tasks will be available when you spin Photo Discs at PokéStops.

These bonuses will help Trainers with a common Hatch Day complaint in Pokémon GO. There is no way to delete Eggs in Pokémon GO. Before previous Hatch Days, that always created an issue. Spinning Pokéstops often gives you eggs. Fill up on Eggs, and you can't obtain any of the special 2km Eggs from the event.

Now, with the 1/2 Hatch Distance, you can shed your Eggs on the morning of the Cleffa Hatch Day. This will not fix the issue entirely (Egg deletion please) but make it easier to clear space before the event begins.

Pokémon GO Cleffa Hatch Day: Tips and tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to help you make the most of Cleffa Hatch Day in Pokémon GO:

  • 12 km Eggs can yield you a lot of stardust. If you are planning to purchase the 2x Stardust bonus, you can make the most of this. Gather 12 of these 12 km Eggs before the event. Walk them to almost hatched before the event (using the 1/2 distance bonus). Hatch these with the 2x Stardust Bonus AND a Starpiece.
  • Head to a location with lots of Pokéstops. The more stops, the easier it is to get 2 km Eggs.
  • Make sure you get as many Eggs as possible before the event ends. These will still have the same Shiny chances, regardless of when you hatch them.
  • Have fun!

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