Here is everything we know about Pokémon Legends Z so far cover image

Here is everything we know about Pokémon Legends Z so far

The countdown begins.

Yesterday's Pokémon presents unveiled the next mainline Pokémon game. Pokémon Legends Z will hit Nintendo Switch systems in 2025.

Because the game, in theory, could be almost two years away, we're working on some pretty limited information at the moment about exactly what Pokémon Legends Z will entail. We've gathered all the details out there to collate everything we know about Pokémon Legends Z so far.

Don't forget to check back, as this article will be updated as more information emerges!

Pokémon Legends Z will be set in Kalos

The trailer makes it feel like we will see a future Kalos. This will be different to Legends Arceus, where we visited Sinnoh of the past. However, that is speculation and we don't know if we're going in one direction or the other on the timeline.

It seems that like Sinnoh being called Hisui, that Kalos will have a new name too. The translation of the Unknowns in the trailer seems to spell out Soeyue. This word doesn't seem to translate into any languages, meaning it could be a different name for the Kalos region.

The whole game will be set in Lumiose City

Pokémon Legends Z will not be set across the whole of Kalos/Soeyue. Instead, the new game will be set in Lumiose City only.

This is a big change from other Pokémon games in the past. Pretty much all main Pokémon games have been set in an entire region, including Pokémon X & Y. However, Pokémon Legends Z will be set entirely inside Lumiose City.

The city will be a lot bigger than what we saw in 2013's X & Y. It was already one of the largest cities in Pokémon. The teaser trailer released yesterday mentioned that the city would go under "Urban re-development."

So expect that the version of the city we play in Pokémon Legends Z to be bigger than we saw in X & Y. That wording also indicates that the game might be set in the future.

Xerneas and Yveltal will play a key role in Pokémon Legends Z

Inspection of the Legends Z logo seems to hint that there will be a big role for Xerneas and Yveltal. The pair were the key legendaries in the original X & Y games so it is no surprise we will see them again.

The logo features a small Red and Blue stripe. These are indicators to these legendaries, with Yveltal being red and Xerneas being blue. Featuring them in the logo is a major hint that they won't just be present in the game, but will play a key role.

Mega Evolutions are back

Also hinted in the trailer is the return of Mega Evolutions. The end of the trailer dramatically reveals the iconic Mega Evolution logo. We haven't seen Mega Evolutions since Pokémon X & Y, but it makes sense to revisit the mechanic seen as we are revisiting the region.

It isn't confirmed if we will get new Mega Evolutions of Pokémon. It would be a pretty big disappointment if we didn't at least get a few new Mega Evolutions, but as of now nothing is confirmed either way.

That hasn't stopped fans speculating and hoping for their favourite 'mons to get a new mega in 2025.

Legends Z Release date and platform

Perhaps the most important information we want to know is when does Pokémon Legends Z release? Currently Nintendo and Gamefreak have only shared '2025' as the release window. This means we have a longer than usual gap between Pokémon games.

While it would be surprising for Pokémon Legends Z to release in late 2025, that is a possibility until ruled out. Legends Arceus released in January, but most other mainline games have released in October or November in recent years.

The game will not have a staggered release date. It will release simultaneously worldwide on 'Nintendo Switch systems'. There is perhaps a slight hint here that the long rumored Switch 2 might well be available when we get our hands on Pokémon Legends Z.

Check back here as more information releases ahead of Pokémon Legends Z releasing.