Interested in gold Pokémon cards?

The Pokémon world is ever expanding, with new games, shows, toys, cards and more. The trading cards, though, have built up quite a bit of value over the years, with some cards selling for $100,000 or more. Among these popular cards are the gold Pokémon cards, a special edition of trading cards that players and collectors can acquire.

So what exactly are gold Pokémon cards? And why do people want them so badly?

What are gold Pokémon cards?

Describing a gold Pokémon card is pretty simple. They are literally just holographic cards that are, well... gold. Usually, the card will also be a full-art, meaning the Pokémon on the card will take up the entire card.

So what is so special about these cards?

Well, for one, if you are a TCG (trading card game) player, the gold cards are usually much stronger than normal cards. This means the attack moves might do more damage and the Pokémon's HP might be higher.

While the TCG might be popular, the Pokémon card collectors world has an even bigger hold over the franchise. With people adding crazy value to cards, especially those that have received a grade of 10, gold Pokémon cards have become extremely valuable within the community.

How much value do gold Pokémon cards hold?

Placing the value on a gold card is a little trickier than some may realize. You won't just get a gold card and know how much it will be worth. Sure, you can do some research on eBay, but prices are constantly fluctuating.

So how do I know if one card is worth a lot?

Well, first off, while gold cards hold more value than most normal cards, there is still a lot of different context that needs to be added before placing a price on the card. For example, a random unpopular Pokémon that gets a gold card is not going to be worth anywhere near how much a Charizard gold card would be worth.

Grading your cards is also extremely beneficial to the process of finding out how much it could be worth. Getting a PSA 10 gold Pokémon card back will hold much more value than a PSA 9 or lower.

But how can one tell beforehand what the card might be graded? Well, centering, quality and more definitely come into play, but there are a lot of qualities of the card that you can't really see unless heavily studied. This means, you just simply will have to wait for a professional to look over the card.

Overall, a gold Pokémon card could mean you have a literal diamond in your presence, or it could mean you just have a cool-looking card and that's about it.

How to get gold Pokémon cards

Unless you go online and purchase cards individually from sellers, the only actual way to get a gold Pokémon card is by purchasing packs from the store.

Yep, to get a gold card, you will have to go hunting, meaning you could end up spending much more than the card is worth before actually finding one. At the end of the day, buying Pokémon packs to try and find rare cards is a gamble, so be careful with how you spend your money.

I won't deny it, though. Searching through Pokémon card booster packs to try and find a rare card is exhilarating.

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