Collect all forms of Furfrou in Pokémon GO.

Furfrou is one of the most fashionable Pokémon in the entirety of Pokémon GO. Known in game as Trims, Furfrou has a total of 10 different forms you can pick from in Pokémon GO. Some are freely avaliable, and others are event or regional exclusives.

If you're truly on the mission to catch them all, then you really need to get all of these Furfrou forms in the game before you have a complete collection.

Here are all the Furfrou Trims/forms in Pokémon GO, and how you can get all of them.

All Furfrou forms in Pokémon GO

There are currently 10 Furfrou forms/trims in Pokémon GO. They are as follows:

  • Dandy Trim
  • Debutante Trum
  • Diamond Trim
  • Heart Trim
  • Kabuk Trim
  • La Reine Trim
  • Matron Trim
  • Natural Trim
  • Star Trim
  • Pharaoh Trim

Now, all of these forms also have a shiny version in the game. That means there is a total of 20 different Furfrou trims in Pokémon GO if you include the shiny variants. That is a lot to collect.

You can see the Furfrou Heart Trim on the left (Photo: Niantic)
You can see the Furfrou Heart Trim on the left (Photo: Niantic)

How to unlock all Furfrou forms in Pokémon GO

Of course, with so many different forms to unlock, there is always going to be a catch. Like with some Pokémon and some costumes in the game, not all of these forms are easily avaliable. Some are region specific, and others are only avaliable during specific events.

Here is every form currently in the game, what they look like, and how you can get them.

Natural FormAvailable worldwide
Matron TrimAvailable worldwide
Dandy TrimAvailable worldwide
Debutante TrimAvailable in the Americas
Diamond TrimAvailable in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa
Star TrimAvailable in the Asia-Pacific region
La Reine TrimAvailable in France
Kabuki TrimAvailable in Japan
Pharaoh TrimAvailable in Egypt
Heart TrimLast available during the Carnival of Love event

Furfrou's Heart Trim is the only event exclusive

The only Furfrou Trim not avaliable either worldwide, or in a specific region, is the Heart Trim. This form was last seen during the Carnival of Love event. Expect it to return in a future event.

Sometimes, other regional exclusive forms are avaliable during events. For instance, the La Reine Furfrou form was avaliable at Pokémon GO Fest 2024 New York, the Kabuki form was avaliable at Pokémon GO Fest 2024 Madrid and the Debutante form was avaliable at Pokémon GO Fest 2024 Sendai.

So, always keep your eye out for if an event in Pokémon GO includes a Furfrou Trim being made avaliable.

How to change Furfrou's form in Pokémon GO

So, how do you actually go about changing the form of Furfrou in Pokémon GO? It's simple, but a tad pricey! You will need 10,000 Stardust and 25 Furfrou Candy before you follow the below steps.

Here is how to change Furfrou's form in Pokémon GO:

  • Go to the Furfrou whose form you wish to change.
  • Scroll down to where you'd usually see the evolution button, you will instead see a 'Form Change' button.
  • Clicking this will show you all avaliable Trims in your current location.
  • Choose the Trim you want and press confirm.

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