A life-size Psyduck doll is now on the market.

The online Pokémon Center shop just released its newest product: a life-size Psyduck Poké Plush. And when they say "life-size", they really mean it. This new Plush figure is the closest one will get to obtaining a real Psyduck, making it a must-have for Pokémon lovers.

But what exactly is a life-size Psyduck good for?

Pokémon Center shop releases Psyduck Poké Plush

While the Pokémon Center shop has released a plethora of Poké Plush figures, the Psyduck Plush is the first of its kind. Its unique sizing makes it the perfect gift for those looking for an actual Pokémon to have by their side.

The Plush is nine pounds and 31 inches tall, making it of similar height to a medium-sized dog. Psyduck is a bit heavy on pricing, though, so be prepared to empty your wallets.

Psyduck Poké Plush price:

  • $324.99 USD

Still, though, this question is begging for an answer: what does one do with a life-size Psyduck doll?

Here are five things you can do with a Psyduck Poké Plush.

5. Use as a pillow

I feel like this one is the most obvious. It's fluffy and soft, so what better use than a pillow? Lay your head on Psyduck's belly wherever you want to lie down. You could be on the couch, in your bed, or really anywhere where you need to close your eyes.

The fact of the matter is, that a life-size Psyduck is made to be the perfect pillow and can probably be used by multiple people at once.

4. Cuddle

Cuddling also seems like another quite obvious way to utilize the Psyduck Plush. Its round belly makes it the perfect hugging partner as you lie down and watch your favorite episodes of Indigo League.

Luckily, the Plush doesn't make any sounds. That could make cuddling it a little weird.

3. Take it in public

Psyduck has a way of acting cool, calm and collected (not really) when in public. Its life-size Poké Plush is the perfect sidekick to bring with you when you go to movies, eat at restaurants, take a stroll in the park and do many other activities that require a buddy.

Just don't try talking to Psyduck in public. It is not going to talk back and that may start to concern a lot of strangers.

2. Use as a decoration

Another obvious way to utilize the Psyduck Poké Plush is by putting it up as a decoration. Lots of Pokémon lovers have already found established areas for their Psyduck to stand up in, giving it a home within their house.

Have a stream room? Put your Psyduck in it. Have a gaming room? Put your Psyduck in it. Have a living room and just want everyone who comes over to admire your Psyduck Poké Plush? Put the life-size Psyduck in the corner of the room, making it stare at everyone who sits on your couch.

1. Battle other Poké Plush figures

Personally, I think the best activity to do with your life-size Psyduck Poké Plush is to battle other Poké Plush dolls. I mean, with Psyduck being one of the largest ones, it seems almost impossible for any other Poké Plush doll to defeat it.

You'll just have to figure out how to make the giant doll move on its own. I'm not a scientist, so do not ask me what you have to do.

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