Currencies creating a conundrum in your cranium? Crack open this Overwatch 2 Credits FAQ and cram up on Coins, Credits, and more.

The state of currencies in Overwatch 2 has been in flux ever since the game's launch last October. Part of the issue that arose involved the merger of Overwatch 1 currencies into the new game and what, exactly players could even do with their old gold coins. For the first few months of the new game the answer to that question was: Nothing. Overwatch 2 Credits were essentially a holdover and no way to earn more of the currency existed, until now.

Since the launch of Overwatch 2 Season 3 the much maligned currency is back and somewhat usable, with some caveats. Let's answer some questions about what Overwatch 2 Credits are, what they aren't, and how to keep track of this old, new, old currency.

What are Overwatch 2 Credits?

There are four main currencies in Overwatch 2. This includes:

  • Coins: The premium, paid currency. You also earn Coins via the Weekly Challenges.
  • Credits: Legacy currency carried over from Overwatch 1. Earnable starting with Season 3 battle pass.
  • Competitive: The colloquial "purple money," earned by playing Competitive Mode.
  • Tokens: The Overwatch League skin currency, obtained with real money or by watching OWL.

If there was any Coins in your Overwatch 1 account when the two games merged then the OG Coins were converted into Overwatch 2 Credits. Initially when the sequel launched a few legacy skins and items were able to be purchased with Credits. However, the numbers sat at a high amount and players found that, with no way to earn more, it was essentially a waste.

Can I earn Overwatch 2Credits?

Yes! Introduced in the Season 3 battle pass, Overwatch 2 Credits are now on every tier, coming in 100 Credit batches. Learn more about it in our article below about how to score some free credz. A friendly reminder: You can't buy Credits, so don't go spending them with reckless abandon.

What can I use Credits for?

Blizzard says that all Epic and Legendary-tier skins from Overwatch 1 will remain available in the Overwatch 2 Hero Gallery, allowing players to purchase them with Overwatch Coins or Credits. This includes skins from seasonal event modes, ensuring that players can continue to customize their Heroes with their favorite skins. This includes blue-rarity equipables for all Heroes, even the ones added in Overwatch 2.

In addition, it appears all emotes can be purchased with Overwatch 2 Credits, which, once again includes all the new Heroes.

Will other ways to earn Credits be introduced down the line? We're approaching a new season, so anything feels possible.

Stay tuned to for esports news and notes.

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