Who does the best damage among the DPS Heroes? Allow us to rank the fighters and pick the best of the bunch.

Do you struggle when visiting Baskin-Robbins? Is the prospect of 31 flavors just too much pressure? Well, you probably also struggle to pick the right DPS Hero too. Worry not though, as we're here to step you through the best Overwatch Season 5 DPS picks! The new season is upon us and with it comes a major meta shakeup and a few face at the top.

Where do your favorite Heroes fall? Let's rank the fighters with the best Overwatch Season 5 DPS picks.

Overwatch 2 Season 5 DPS tier-list

This break down of the best Overwatch Season 4 DPS is based on a few metrics. This includes an overall decision on what Hero is the best in any overall situation, as well as what best fits in the meta as of June 2023. While everyone may not agree on these choices, it should at least help players make their own decisions on what works best in the current metagame.

This list will be updated upon the midseason patch release.

Overwatch Season 5 S-tier DPS Heroes

You can't keep a good scientist down. The new changes to Mei's slow--along with a nasty exploding damage effect--further cements her place at the (frozen) peak. A direct-counter to dive and pairing so well with Sombra that it's now the meta in OWL, Mei is a beast to confront. She and Sombra both have the ability to shut down and cut off Heroes with ease as a base part of their kits. They simply cannot be ignored.

Meanwhile, Ashe and Cassidy represent the best that hitscan Heroes have to offer in the game. Ashe's midrange power continues to be a force. Meanwhile, Cassidy's new Magnetic Grenade makes it a zoning tool with few equals. Considering a Mei nerf means we might be seeing more Pharah soon, don't be shocked to see more Ashe and Cassidy in your games.


Best situations: Countering tanks, but especially Wrecking Ball
Countered by: Torb Turret; Your team turning around
Pairs well with: Kiriko, Sigma, Orisa, Mei


Best situations: Dive counter, shield break, Pharah counter
Countered by: Being an idiot who tries to flank
Pairs well with: Kiriko


Best situations: Supporting dive tanks, brawls
Countered by: Bad wall placement
Pairs well with: Doomfist, Junker Queen


Best situations: Mid-range pressure, punishing grouped-up enemies
Countered by: Wrecking Ball, Ana
Pairs well with: Ana, Wrecking Ball, Mei

A-tier DPS Heroes

If you think this tier looks like a big ole mess then you ain't wrong. All of the Heroes at the A-tier are good in their own ways. A lot of it just boils down to picking the Hero you're most comfortable with and going for the gold. We do see Tracer and Symmetra fall down this time around for two different seasons. Technically, Tracer did receive a nerf. However, more Mei means a harder time for Tracer.

In the case of Symmetra, it's less that she got worse and more than she's going to have to prove her worth. In most cases I'd rather have a Sombra or a Mei as a team mate, meaning Symmetra gets put on ice when it comes to a defensive DPS pick.


Best situations: Shield break, dive counter
Countered by: Burst damage, her toys being destroyed
Pairs well with: Sigma, so you can teleport him up to the statue on King's Row


Best situations: Backline pressure, dive
Countered by: Cassidy, Ashe, Brig
Pairs well with: Wrecking Ball, Doomfist


Best situations: Shield break, up-close brawls
Countered by: Sigma, Sombra, D.VA, Genji
Pairs well with: Reinhardt, Ana, Kiriko


Best situations: Shield break, diving squishier backlines
Countered by: Hitscan, Ramattra
Pairs well with: Mercy, Zenyatta


Best situations: Shield break, sniper fights
Countered by: Being reported for cheating
Pairs well with: Reinhardt, Mercy


Best situations: Pressure and aggression, countering snipers
Countered by: Another Sojourn; D.VA
Pairs well with: Murphy, down.

Overwatch Season 5 B-tier DPS Heroes

The B-tier is in a strange place right now. Consider it purgatory, as all three of these Heroes could either be really great or lose value during the upcoming season. In the case of Pharah, more Mei and Sombra means less hitscan counters patrolling the skies. For Soldier 76, he's no longer the most effective hitscan. This is especially true in a world where Lifeweaver's Tree of Life is a strange, direct counter to Soldier's Ultimate.

And in the case of Torb... I think he's totally viable. This is especially true in a world where you'll be seeing more Sombra and Mei. However, turret placement is paramount to success. Don't just throw your friend out into the wind, be mindful!


Best situations: A lack of hitscan; open maps such as Illios
Countered by: Hitscan, a good Ana, Ramattra
Pairs well with: Mercy, Ana, Zenyatta


Best situations: Sombra, dive, and aerial counter
Countered by: Enemy killing his Turret
Pairs well with: Mei, Reinhardt


Best situations: Aerial counter, mid-range
Countered by: Also being an idiot who tries to flank
Pairs well with: Ana, Kiriko, Sigma

Situational DPS Heroes

Widowmaker Medusa skin (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)
Widowmaker Medusa skin (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

Once again, the situational Overwatch Season 5 DPS heroes fall in a weird category. Reaper and Genji definitely lose power in a world with more Mei and Sombra on the other team. In the case of Reaper, he no longer feels like the go-to tank buster he once was--especially with a new teleport nerf.

As for Widow? This is entirely a guess, but her massive nerfs feel like she's now even more only for experts. Her short range means she'll need to stand in the middle of the action to get things done, all while still having low health. Will she still be a threat? Only time and the midseason patch will tell.


Best situations: Countering Hitscan, aerial foes, and anyone not behind a shield
Countered by: Another Widow, Sojourn, Reaper
Pairs well with: Being left alone


Best situations: Isolated targets, Winston, Junker Queen
Countered by: Ana, Baptiste
Pairs well with: Ana, Zenyatta Orbs, more than one player turning around


Best situations: Dive, countering Bastion
Countered by: Ana, Brig, Mei, Symmetra,
Pairs well with: Ana, Winston, Ramattra

Bad DPS Heroes

The clown skin is appropriate.
The clown skin is appropriate.

Look, I know there will be people out there that object to this choice. In fact, one of them is someone from my very own game group. However, Junkrat serves almost no use in a world where we'll be seeing less dive tank compositions. More to the point, his erratic damage isn't worth the liability of how good his Ultimate can be... when it even hits.

It may be time to send Junkrat back to Junkertown for some new gear.

Best situations: Countering dive--especially Wrecking Ball
Countered by: Pharah, good hitscan players; good taste
Pairs well with: Feast your eyes upon this hand-curated assortment of tasteful pyrotechnic delights, with which I intend to entertain you this evening. Or possibly morning... What time is it?

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