Overwatch personality test: What your Tank pick says about you cover image

Overwatch personality test: What your Tank pick says about you

Looking for insight into the human soul? Play too much Overwatch? Let our Overwatch Personality Test do the work and find your inner tank!

One of the things I love about Overwatch is how each Hero injects so much personality and flavor into the game. This extends even to their individual playstyles, which, in turn, says something about us as players. Do you want a Call of Duty-esque experience? Play Soldier 76. Miss the days of Team Fortress 2 and the Demo? Junkrat! Wish you were playing a completely different game altogether? Play Wrecking Ball. However, we can take this even further with our (patent-pending) Overwatch personality test!

Always wondered what your favorite Tank says about you as a person? Well, so no more, Mon Amour, because we've got you covered! Check out our personalized and detailed Overwatch personality test horoscopes for each Tank in the game.

Who knows? You may learn something about yourself in the process.

The Overwatch personality test - Tanks

As a former D.VA main, I can say with some authority that part of the fun of playing the Meka Ace is playing spoiler. She's fantastic at ruining plans, diving that faraway sniper, or being a wall that stands tall. However, like all good front liners she's only as good as her supports. Here's hoping that there's an Ana or Mercy in your life ready to follow you into battle, wherever you may go.

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face. However, in the case of Overwatch's resident fighting game character turned tank, it usually goes that you have a plan until you miss that punch. Doomfist players have to roll with the punches (hehe) and think on the fly. After all, it always seems like a good idea to fly into the backline until you realize it's now up to you to do something productive.

Perhaps the most obvious in our Overwatch personality test. The Crusader is always ready to shit that shift button and dive into the fray. Sometimes this even means doing so at the detriment of those around you. Be mindful of your surroundings, don't lose vision of the goal, and always remember to turn around when your Supports are screaming bloody murder.

I might be telling on myself as a Wrecking Ball main, so forgive me. Despite our awesome power and ability to frustrate those on the other team, we are also prone to equally frustrating our own squad. It's easy to just start vibing and doing your own thing when you're rolling around, swinging off stuff, and dropping your butt on an enemy Zenyatta. However, don't forget to always turn around and pay attention to where you just sped off from.

Overwatch Personality Test - The Queen

It's hard being a Giant Woman. So many small, annoying people trying to tell you what to do, where to go, and why you can't swing a big, electric axe into the face of a cowboy. Pfft, what do those people know? You've got things to do and not a lot of time to do them. However, beware the fall that comes with every meteoric rise. And much like The Mastermind, be ready to come up with a plan the minute you hit 'Q' and find yourself isolated.

No Overwatch Personality Test would be complete without The Guardian--that one person willing to stand through thick and thin. Even after having your entire kit changed, you still find a way to stand tall, turn around, glow a golden-bronze color, and take the hits that those around you cannot take. However, we all must meet our end eventually, so remember to take the time to find out who you are outside of being that ride or die.

We all have that moments of saying "screw it" and just letting our emotions take the wheel. Whether it's someone yelling at you unjustly or growing six times your size and punching people in the head, you let your feelings fuel your strength. However, be wary of letting this cloud your vision. You may find yourself alone and wondering where everyone went while attempting to sate your need to feed.

Overwatch Personality Test - The Hog

It's hard being the big guy. Everyone just expects you to stand in place while they do all the fun stuff. However, you don't mind. At the end of the day you just want your friends and family to be happy, and if you can facilitate that? Great. After all, you've got a big ole hook and a chance to use it every eight seconds. No need to be greedy, after all.

Those that excel in certain things often feel the seclusion of nobody being able to relate. You were probably one of those kids in elementary school placed into special classes for smart children. However, the joke is on you now as you're an adult and struggle to boil water properly. But that's not so bad. True genius is never understood in it's own time, much like how a big shield and the ability to eat Ultimates isn't appreciated. All in due time.

You're a natural leader and always ready to come up with a plan. However, your gung-ho nature sometimes ignores the fact that we're all built differently. No matter: There's few things in life that cannot be solved with resolve, a giant laser gun, and 100 percent weapon charge. Missing that last one? Well, you better get to work and be ready to take so that you can also dish out in due time.

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