Need help with your green thumb? Let our Overwatch Lifeweaver guide do all the yard work while you reap the rewards.

Meet the new botanist on the block. The latest support Hero added to Overwatch, Lifeweaver attempts to guide teammates to victory through better healing. One of the most technically-demanding characters in the game, Lifeweaver achieves success through proper positioning, clutch Ultimate timing, and having a plan for every occasion. What he lacks in raw healing output he makes up for in game-saving mechanics. A good Lifeweaver player should be thinking three steps ahead, as even the strongest trees don't grow in an instant.

Looking to learn Lifeweaver? Let our Overwatch guide fertilize your skills, lest you come out smelling like manure.

Overwatch Lifeweaver guide: The basics

Let's go over Lifeweaver's abilities and what to expect from how they are used in-game.

Basic heal: Healing Blossom

Healing Blossom is Lifeweaver's left click heal, which can be charged or spammed. A fully charged shot heals 65 health and takes one second to fully charge. Your 20 rounds of ammo can also be spammed out to heal for 10 health a piece.

While Healing Blossom can, at times, feel underwhelming, it has fantastic range at 30 meters. The heal will also track and follow the recipient, even through walls and around corners, as long as it was released while the target was still visible. Take advantage of the long range and the long leash, as Lifeweaver excels when pre-healing targets.

Weapon: Thorn Volley

The right-click attack of Lifeweaver in Overwatch, it's a spread shot that requires the player to guide the projectiles a bit. Low damage and somewhat inaccurate at range, its best used when fired into a bottleneck or when fending off an enemy up-close.

While his gun feels useless, it also can reload his healing ammo after 2.5 seconds. Remember this when in the heat of battle and to avoid unnecessary reloads.

Ability: Petal Platform

The first of many Lifeweaver abilities that require forthought, Petal Platform triggers a rising platform when stepped on by any player. The platform stays in-air for ten seconds, or until it takes 400 damage. It can also be removed manually by Lifeweaver.

Not only is Petal Platform a great ability for getting Lifeweaver out of danger, it has combat applications outside of simply getting teammates to high ground. Proper use of the platform can counter abilities such as Orisa's Terra Surge, Doomfist's Meteor Strike, provide cover from Dva's Self-Destruct, and more. It's also useful as a get-away button from dive Heroes such as Genji and Tracer.

There's also a number of fun interactions with other items as well: Torb's turret, Wrecking Ball's Grappling Hook, Symmetra Turrets, and more.

Ability: Rejuvenating Dash

A small, but important component of Lifeweaver's kit in Overwatch is his dash. Triggered after a double jump, the dash not only heals him for a small amount but also allows you to dash in any direction. This ability is key to keeping Lifeweaver at the optimal range from danger, while also giving him an escape button to survive encounters. Like we said: It's not game-breaking, but just enough to make Lifeweaver exceptionally slippery.

Lifeweaver Overwatch Ability: Life Grip

Life Grip is the most controversial aspect of Lifeweaver's kit. Initially thought to be the thing of griefing nightmares, Life Grip is more likely to make bad teammates mad that you're keeping them from killing themselves. A long cooldown and an equally long range, the pull makes your target immune to effects while being moved.

Life Grip is best used when pulling a friendly up to the safety of high ground or your Petal Platform. However, it has equal use in keeping your overextended tank from killing himself in the name of getting that elim. More proactive uses also include pulling a Junker Queen back who has just used her Rampage Ultimate.

Ultimate: Tree of Life

Arbor Day is here! Lifeweaver's Ultimate plops a big ole tree down, creating a piece of terrain that pulse-heals your team for 15 seconds. In addition to instantly healing 150 HP upon placement, the tree also has 1200 health of its own. This will require enemies to decide if its more important to kill the enemy team or contend with the tree.

Tree of Life provides amazing healing output if timed correctly. The key is using it in the heat of battle, as to force your opponent's hand on whether to kill the tree or to fight the objective at-hand. Also important to remember that the tree is a literal piece of terrain, and as such can be used to block line of sight.

Wrecking Ball can also swing from it. Knowledge is power.

Overwatch Lifeweaver tips: Feed your lawn, feed it!

Here's a few bits of Lifeweaver basics to guide your Overwatch team to victory.

  • Lifeweaver isn't the most mobile of Heroes, so staying at maximum range is essential to his success. Take advantage of the long range of your abilities and heal so that you can avoid being in the midst of battle.
  • Teammates not using your Petal Platforms the way you want them to be used? Try placing the Platform away from them so they can trigger it themselves. Save your cooldowns and saves an awkward discussion in match chat.
  • Don't bother spamming his heal--the fully-charged heal is where it's at.
  • Life Grip has its own quirks and weirdness that sometimes leads it to not working the way you would expect. Experiment in various situations and see what happens. It's better to know that your tank is going to get stuck on the Pushbot than to find out in real-time.
  • What Lifeweaver lacks in raw healing numbers is made up with the ability to reposition your team and stop bad mistakes... Assuming your team lets you save them.

Here's hoping that your Lifeweaver is now ready for the big time! Happy gaming.

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