Overwatch Hero tier list for Season 6 midseason: ZARYA RETURNS! cover image

Overwatch Hero tier list for Season 6 midseason: ZARYA RETURNS!

Your Overwatch Hero tier list is here for the Season 6 midseason! What Heroes are ready for the invasion? Let’s find out together!

Season 6 is halfway over, the invasion is imminent, and John Cena is nowhere to be seen. That only means one thing: Time for yet another Overwatch Hero tier list! For the past few seasons, we've had three separate lists for tanks, DPS, and support. For Season 6 we'll be doing one singular, overall list while still breaking it down by class category.

Bookmark this page and follow along with our Overwatch Hero tier list for the rest of the season.

This breakdown is based on a few metrics. This includes an overall decision on what Hero is the best in any overall situation, as well as what best fits in the meta as of September 2023. While everyone may not agree on these choices, it should at least help players make their own decisions on what works best in the current metagame.

This list will be updated upon Season 7 release.

Overwatch Hero tier list: Best overall Heroes

While ranking every Overwatch Hero into an overall tier list is a challenge, it isn't impossible. Here are the ten Heroes that will most affect the game's meta in the coming season--or so we think.

1 - Orisa
You want your tank unkillable? Get yourself a Defender of Numbani. Orisa's combination of power and unstoppability makes her tough to navigate, and that's even before we consider Terra Surge.

2 - Dva
The queen returns. In a world where hitscan is more prevalent and Illari's Ultimate is very eatable, Dva eats first and best. Paired with a good pocket healer and the mecha queen is near unstoppable. Better get those beams ready.

3 - Kiriko
Her cleanse remains top-tier, while Kitsune Rush is still the ultimate offensive tide-turner.

4 - Ana
The new change to her hip-fire projectile size only reaffirms that Ana's ability to pump out healing, and provide crowd control, and utility is too good to ignore. Ana good, actually.

5 - Ramattra
One of the best tank in Overwatch, hands down, and with the best Ultimate in the game. Ramattra can rush and punish out-of-position supports easier and better than almost any tank, all while staying alive.

6 - Lucio
Sound Barrier reigns supreme and a good Lucio can turn the tide of a fight by himself. Also, he's still annoying. So, he has that going for him. Which, is nice.

7 - Tracer
As long as dive and pressure remain good, so will Tracer. A great Tracer feels insurmountable.

8 - Sigma
The best shield tank in the Overwatch Hero tier list, Sigma can pressure teams while providing the constant threat of his Graviton Ultimate.

9 - Illari

Yes, the new girl on the block is good! And what Overwatch Hero tier list would be complete without the newest sensation. Her ability to heal independent of her sizable DPS damage makes her a constant threat--even more so in the hands of a good hitscan player. And if Sigma, Dva, or Orisa aren't on the other team? Oh boy, watch out for that Ultimate.

10 - Zarya
What's this? Rising from the bottom of the basement to the top ten? Yes, indeed, Zarya is back. The change in today's patch to her ally bubble is huge, potentially broken, and only serves to power up the power-lifter.

Overwatch Hero Tank tier list

Well, I wasn't expecting so big of a shuffle from the start of the season. However, the meta has changed significantly in that time and one thing is clear: Dive is out, brawl is in. Your Tank needs to be able to hang in the middle of the nastiest fights while also providing utility.

In the case of Orisa, Dva, and Sigma, they all have the ability to bully smaller Heroes while also neutralizing abilities such as Illari's Ultimate. In the case of Zarya, her new changes to the ally bubble makes her the first and best companion to any DPS dive compositions.

Rein and Queen are just sort of... There. Neither are bad, but, perhaps too slow to keep up in the middle of a scrum.

DPS tier list

Hitscans have lost some overall power since the last season, but that doesn't mean they are any less potent. Constant Soldier buffs and Ashe still being Ashe means there's a lot of potential there. However, the s-tier is categorized by the Hero being able to affect the game by their mere presence.

If you're curious about the B-tier, know that it's because all three of these Heroes require massive support to be effective. Yes, we've all been annoyed by good Pharahs in Quick Play, but at the end of the day, she's still a big target. The same goes for Genji and Reaper, who need Ana on the team to be their best.

As for the sure-to-be controversial Widow/Junk pairing at C... Look: I've been playing a lot of Junkrat lately and, actually, I think he's good. Pardon my corrupt brain. And in a world where Sigma and Dva are at the top Widow will just struggle to get anything done.

Overwatch Hero tier list for Support

If we're being honest, none of the Supports are bad. They're all good boys and girls! However, the top tier of Supports are able to control the game and dictate the pace. As we've seen in Overwatch League this season, the best teams have the best Support players.

We've already talked about that top tier, but don't discount the A-tier either. Zen, Wifeleaver, Brig, and Baptiste all provide amazing utility while also being zoners who cannot be ignored.

And while I don't think the damage boost nerf is a big deal, Mercy falls down the list simply for being an easy target. her mobility makes her slippery to deal with, but a bad Mercy just floating around in the air is easy pickings for a halfway decent shot. This is especially true when Dva and Sigma are good.

And as for Moira... She still remains a selfish potential pick that has a ton of power. However, it's far too easy to use said power in ways that don't help your team. Also, I find her base healing with the left click to be underwhelming.

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