Chivalry is dead, so here’s how to counter Doomfist with five easy tips cover image

Chivalry is dead, so here’s how to counter Doomfist with five easy tips

Want to learn how to counter Doomfist and win games? Here’s out Doomfist tips for dealing with him and his giant fist.

A good dive tank player feels oppressive. More to the point, a tank player jumps into your backline like a guy named chad jumps into a girl's DMs unwantedly. It's awkward, ends quickly, and he wants you to feel trapped. There may or may not be AXE body spray involved too. Regardless, that leaves you with one question when the man with the giant hand comes knocking. How to counter Doomfist with tips available to you in that moment.

Have no fear, we're here to educate. Whether you're a squishy support, a DPS annoyed you're being forced to turn around, or another tank, you have options. Here's five tips and tricks on how to counter Doomfist and keep yourself alive for another teamfight.

How to counter Doomfist: It's time to play the game

When it comes to the various tanks of Overwatch, they all have a game they want the enemy to play--an ideal game situation that most benefits them. For Reinhardt, he wants you to try and stand toe-to-toe. Zarya accels at taking advantage of wanton enemy fire. For Doomfist there are two phases of the game. He first wants to deny and create space. Then, when things start breaking down he'll try and get into the backline and circumvent your own tank.

Thanks to his low cooldown abilities, Doomfist is best at getting in, causing havoc, and getting out. That said, if you want to know how to counter Doomfist then the best way to do so is not play along. This means simple things like not shooting him during his Power Block and denying angles where he can set up Rocket Punch stuns.

Remember: To be optimal, Doomfist needs his empowered Rocket Punch and he also wants to isolate targets. The second your own tank charges off into Narnia is the exact moment when a Doomfist will dive. When that happens, you need tools and tactics.

Supports rule - Sleep Dart edition

The biggest counters to Doomfist currently come from support heroes. Ana's Sleep Dart, Brig's entire kit, Zen's Discord Orb, and Lucio's boop all mess with the tank's cooldown cycle. This is actually why Doomfist's most preferred targets are usually 200 HP and below DPS players and not the support line. More so, in a 5v5 world you cannot rely on your own tank to always be able to peel and save. After all, Doomfist--much like Junker Queen--wants to wait until your tank is busy doing other things so he can strike.

A good Doomfist won't be dumb enough to just dive into your backline and Power Block, however. So, know the signs of what makes a good and bad tank when learning how to counter Doomfist.

Power Block - A bad move that punishes bad play

Here's the tea: Power Block is kind of awful. In a game full of stuns and counters, there's Doomfist holding up his big, dumb arm like Edward Elric and acting like that makes him invincible. It doesn't, obviously. However, that is the lulling into a false sense of security that all Doomfist players dream about. They want you to forget that Power Block is bad, and instead shoot all of your ammo into it.

And that's because while Power Block is bad, an empowered Rocket Punch is a teamfight changer. Do yourself a favor and take every Power Block as an opportunity to cancel him out of it and deny that super charge. Hog Hook, Orisa spears, Reinhardt pins, and more. This is your time. Ruin that Doomfist's day.

Speaking of bad...

Meteor Strike - Worst Ultimate in the game?

Meteor Strike is bad for many reasons. It's important to know the signs and remember that if you're going to learn how to counter Doomfist. It's an Ultimate the requires a perfect series of events to occur, most of which involve his enemy team messing up. After all, it's telegraphed, has a small hitbox for its best damage, and leaves him open and unable to act after he does it.

That window when Doomfist lands is your best chance to mess him up. Sleep Dart, hooks, and more. Remember: Doomfist gets all of his cooldowns refreshed upon landing, which is the real value for him. Pro-tip: Don't allow Doomfist to take advantage of that while you're scrambling to try and avoid the impact zone. Direct kills with Meteor Strike is merely a nice bonus--the real danger is the cooldown refresh.

Hot cocoa? Fine, I'll have some

The biggest advantage you'll have over Doomfist is his own cockiness in overextending. No matter how good a Doomfist player is they will inevitably have to overextend to get optimal value from their kit. Take advantage of this, especially if the enemy team is already down in the numbers advantage. Unlike Monkey or Wrecking Ball who can dive, absorb damage, and get out safely, Doomfist doesn't operate the same.

He can get in and then either absorb damage or get out safely, not usually both. That said, he has team mates that will try and circumvent those limitations. An enemy Lifeweaver is an absolute threat and must be targeted, lest he keeps pulling his Doomfist out of the fire. Remember: Sometimes the best counter isn't just killing Doomfist. He's weak alone, so cripple him appropriately.

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