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The best tanks for any situation in Overwatch 2

Need a quick swap? We’ve got the list of the best tanks in Overwatch 2 for any situation, so click to learn where your next pivot should be.

Part of improving at competitive games is knowing when something isn't working. And while we all like to think that our main is perfect and special--Hi, Hammond--that doesn't mean they're always the best fit. Sometimes you just need a change of pace; a quick answer to throw the enemy off their game. And when it comes to the best tanks for any situation in Overwatch 2 there's some clear cut winners.

Let's talk about the best general use tank heroes right now in Overwatch. These are tanks you should always have in your back pocket for a rainy day... Or a snowball running down hill on maps like Havana or Suravasa.

Best tanks at any time in Overwatch 2

Horse Girl, activate

As it stands, Orisa cannot be denied as the best tank in Overwatch 2, bar none. Power, mobility, area denial, and the best defensive cooldown in the game. She's got it all and is absolutely never a bad switch, no matter the map. Getting poked at and losing the mid-ground fight? Orisa lets you counter poke and create space with her Energy Javelin and Javelin Spin. Need to take a corner and push onto a point? Fortify away. Tired of that Widowmaker? Well, guess what: Orisa's gun has zero damage dropoff!

Her biggest downside among the best tanks in Overwatch 2 is that her cooldowns can be a trap. Enjoy hitting buttons all at once? You may find yourself without an answer. However, if you can restrain yourself then Orisa is perfect in every situation.

Best tanks in Overwatch 2 - Easy Mode?

Somewhat silently buffed multiple seasons in a row, Dva is a workhorse. I hesitate to call her a dive tank, but she has the aggression needed at just the right times. If anything, a good Dva knows that part of what makes her so hard to handle at times is that doggedness. Dva almost always wins in a 1v1 against a non-tank hero, thanks to her fast damage ramp, defensive cooldown, and mobility.

Which is all to say that she possesses multiple tools to respond against myriad situations. Few tanks are able to reach high ground, return, do damage, and stay safe all at the same time. And, if for some reason that's not enough, her massive health pool makes her a support player's dream. As an Ana main, I love nothing more than dropping a Bio Nade on a critical Dva and watching that health bar spring to life.

Everyone loves a shield

I know that all of us Overwatch OGs got tired of being told to switch to a shield tank. The siren song of any Quick Play match for years, this usually meant switching to Reinhardt. By and large, that has gone away in Overwatch 2. However, Rein still stands as a fantastic tempo switch, thanks to his ability to stand toe-to-toe against every other tank.

An aggressive Reinhardt is terrifying. However, a Reinhardt that knows how to lull the enemy team into a false sense of safety is even worse. Thanks to his Firestrike projectile, Reinhardt is adept at generating Ultimate meter in a hurry. And if you've played against good Reins enough, you know that the most important thing you can do against him is keep track of where he may be on getting Earth Shatter.

What he lacks in mobility, Reinhardt makes up for in able to bulldog other heroes with similar movement. He also demands that you deal with him directly, which means he's often one of the best tank swaps in Overwatch 2.

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