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Best Tank heroes in Overwatch 2

The best Tank heroes in Overwatch 2 can soak up damage and dish it out all the same to ensure their team’s victory.

Tanks are especially important in Overwatch 2. With 5-player team sizes and role queues allowing for just one tank, it is vital that players pick the right one. The best Tank heroes in Overwatch 2 can set their team up for success with damage mitigation and a forceful forward onslaught. There aren't too many to choose from, but you need perfect one of the top five to truly make an impact.

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Top 5 Tank heroes in Overwatch 2

5) Reinhardt

Reinhardt can push ahead with the best of them (Image via
Reinhardt can push ahead with the best of them (Image via
  • Rocket Hammer: Primary-fire for a hammer attack.
  • Charge: Charge forward and drag any enemy in the path, slamming them into the wall.
  • Fire Strike: Sweep a fiery projectile toward enemies.
  • Barrier Field: Hold alt-fire for a frontal energy shield.
  • Earthshatter (Ultimate): Send an earthquake that knocks down and stuns enemies in front of the ability.

Reinhardt has been a staple of the Tank category since the first Overwatch. He falls a bit further down the rankings in the sequel, but retains his effectiveness. His shield has incredible health at 1200 and should be used to lead the charge to the objective.

The setback comes from his only ranged attack being Fire Strike. His melee attack causes a limitation that might require him to venture away from defending his teammates for a moment. Thankfully, his charge can close any gaps, but it does leave him vulnerable if it doesn't connect with an enemy.

4) Orisa

Orisa works well in close quarters with her team by her side (Image via
Orisa works well in close quarters with her team by her side (Image via
  • Augmented Fusion Driver: Automatic heat-based weapon. It deals more damage at closer range.
  • Energy Javelin: Throw the javelin at an enemy to stun and knock them back. Effectiveness is increased if enemy is hit into a wall.
  • Fortify: Gain extra health temporarily while reducing all damage taken. Heat generated by the Augmented Fusion Driver is reduced.
  • Javelin Spin: Rapidly spin the javelin to destroy incoming projectiles and block melee attacks. Pushes enemies back with increased speed.
  • Terra Surge (Ultimate): Pull enemies in while gaining the effects of the Fortify ability. Charge up a surge of damage and use the Ultimate again during to unleash it early.

Orisa's rating would be much higher if she didn't need to get so close to deal her damage. That drops her viability a little bit, but her role should simply be to disrupt and survive. She is almost invincible with her abilities keeping her alive in most situations.

Like Reinhardt, Orisa can push forward with her Javelin Spin and cause trouble with her Terra Surge Ultimate. There's not really a negative thing about her. It is just that everything works with specific situations and executions, preventing her usefulness in every scenario.

3) Sigma

Sigma can negate and deal damage almost equally (Image via
Sigma can negate and deal damage almost equally (Image via
  • Hyperspheres: Send two charges that can bounce off walls, but will implode after a short distance. Deal damage with them in an area.
  • Kinetic Grasp: Absorb incoming projectiles and convert them into shields.
  • Accretion: Form a mass of debris and launch it towards an enemy, knocking them down if it connects.
  • Experimental Barrier: Place a floating barrier that can be set down over a distance and recalled at will.
  • Gravitic Flux (Ultimate): Lift enemies within a circle into the air and slam them down to deal huge damage.

Sigma has the survivability of Orisa and defensive capabilities of Reinhardt. On top of that, he has solid range with his Hyperspheres allowing him to stay back and deal damage. His ability to play with the team is where he excels.

Accretion knocks down enemies, allowing the rest of the team to close in for the elimination. The same can be said about his Ultimate. It can used to disrupt a push or open a path for his team to move forward. After taking the enemies out of commission with the gravity lift, his allies can finish them off if the slam didn't.

2) Zarya

Zarya's defensive capabilities as a Tank are too good to pass up (Image via
Zarya's defensive capabilities as a Tank are too good to pass up (Image via
  • Particle Cannon: Short-range beam weapon. Alt-fire to lob an energy charge.
  • Particle Barrier: Form a protective barrier around Zarya.
  • Projected Barrier: Send a protective barrier to form around an ally.
  • Energy (Passive): Any damage blocked increases weapon damage.
  • Graviton Surge (Ultimate): Send out a gravity bomb that pulls in enemies and deals damage to those trapped over time.

Zarya's lack of range is the only thing stopping her topping the best Tank heroes in Overwatch 2. Her damage mitigation is unmatched with the ability to shield herself and an ally simultaneously. The cooldown for her shield barriers are low enough that constant defenses are her specialty.

She can also set up her team like other Tanks with the Graviton Surge Ultimate. It keeps the enemies trapped in one place, deals solid damage and lets her teammates pick them off one by one. With Zarya on the map, healing can often be focused elsewhere, allowing the whole squad to stay alive longer on their path to victory.

1) D.Va

D.Va's survivability and mobility make her the best Tank in Overwatch 2 (Image via
D.Va's survivability and mobility make her the best Tank in Overwatch 2 (Image via
  • Fusion Cannons: Automatic spread weapon.
  • Light Gun: Automatic pistol when out of the mech.
  • Boosters: Fly forward, pushing enemies out of the way.
  • Defense Matrix: Block incoming projectiles.
  • Micro Missiles: Send out a volley of explosive missiles.
  • Eject (Passive): Exit the mech when its health is depleted.
  • Self-Destruct (Ultimate): Eject and initiate the self-destruct feature on the mech, causing it explode enemies near after a short build-up.
  • Call Mech (Ultimate): Call down a replacement mech while on foot as D.Va.

Whatever your opinions are on D.Va, there's no doubt that she's the best Tank hero in Overwatch 2. The fact that she can survive for so long, either to stall or punish the other team, is reason enough to give her the number one spot.

Other heroes are eliminated when their health bar is emptied, but D.Va? She gets a second life by ejecting from her mech. Her Self-Destruct is perhaps the most powerful Ultimate in the game with the sheer damage it can cause. She is extremely mobile for a Tank as well. It takes a lot to send D.Va back to the spawn point.

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