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Best Support heroes in Overwatch 2

The best Support heroes in Overwatch 2 will keep their team alive with various boosts and healing effects.

Support heroes in Overwatch 2 are the backbone of a successful team. They will keep health numbers high, aid in doing additional damage and overall ensure their teammates are capable of doing their jobs to the fullest. It takes a determined player to dedicate their time to the supporting role. And that means learning the best Support heroes in Overwatch 2.

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Top 5 Support heroes in Overwatch 2

5) Moira

  • Biotic Grasp: Primary-fire to heal allies. Alt-fire to damage enemies and gain health.
  • Biotic Orb: Use the ability to pull out two orbs. Primary-fire to send an orb that heals allies. Alt-fire to send an orb that damages enemies.
  • Fade: Disappear and move rapidly for a short time with invulnerability.
  • Coalescence (Ultimate): Fire a powerful beam that heals allies and damages enemies.

Moira is perhaps the most divisive character in the entire game. Her ability to act as a DPS hero sees a lot of players venture away from the supporting role and provide little to no healing to their team. This has created a stigma, but it doesn't change the fact that Moira is one of the best Support heroes in Overwatch 2.

She can heal from a distance, regain health while dealing damage and escape from sticky situations. The only downside is how close she has to be to do real damage. You should use her as a healer first and an attacker second. There's no reason why she can't do both, but players need to find a balance to keep the team happy.

4) Ana

  • Biotic Rifle: Primary to fire a projectile that damages enemies and heals allies. Hold alt-fire to scope and enact hitscan.
  • Sleep Dart: Fire a dart that briefly puts the target to sleep.
  • Biotic Grenade: Throw a grenade that heals allies and temporarily increases their healing or damages enemies and temporarily removes their ability to be healed.
  • Nano Boost (Ultimate): Increases the selected ally's damage and reduces their damage taken.

Ana's healing capabilities don't match up with some of the other heroes, but her overall skillset is great. She has amazing range and doesn't need to swap between abilities like Moira does to heal or damage. Her rifle and grenade will do the work on their own if it hits an ally or enemy.

She is a very slow hero, however, and close-range battles are a nightmare. The ability to put enemies to sleep for a short moment is her best asset, but it requires pinpoint accuracy. It can help her escape a hefty push from a Tank to let her live and heal another day.

3) Kiriko

  • Healing Ofuda: Send a burst of healing talismans at an ally.
  • Kunai: Throw a kunai projectile that deals increased critical damage.
  • Swift Step: Teleport to an ally.
  • Protection Suzu: Throw a charm that makes an ally invulnerable and removes most debuffs.
  • Wall Climb (Passive): Jump at a wall to climb it.
  • Kitsune Rush (Ultimate): Send forth a fox spirit that provides a movement speed boost, attack speed boost, and reduce cooldowns for allies that stay in its path.

Kiriko is a brand new hero in Overwatch 2, available through the Battlepass. She has quickly risen through the Support ranks with her lack of a healing cooldown and her speed. Kiriko can climb walls, teleport to teammates and remove ill-effects caused by the likes of Ana and Junker Queen.

She'll need to prove herself a bit more to climb even further, but she is definitely a mighty healer right out of the gate. Kiriko's Ultimate, the Kitsune Rush, may prove to be the most impactful in the entire game. With multiple boosts delivered to allies in its path, it could be a game-saver.

2) Baptiste

  • Biotic Launcher: Primary-fire for a three-round burst rifle. Alt-fire for a healing grenade launcher.
  • Regenerative Burst: Heal yourself and nearby allies instantly and over time. The instant heal is doubled if an ally is under half health.
  • Immortality Field: Send out a device that prevents allies who stand in its area from dying. Enemies can destroy it.
  • Exo Boots (Passive): Hold crouch for a higher jump.
  • Amplification Matrix (Ultimate): Place down a matrix-like wall that doubles allied damage and healing fired through it.

Baptiste comes in at a close second for the best Support heroes in Overwatch 2. His kit isn't flashy, but it has proven to be extremely effective. He can down enemies from a distance, heal just the same, and give immortality to his allies.

When he gets access to his Ultimate, the other team is all but done for. The Amplification Matrix works for all allies, doubling any damage or healing sent through it. Baptiste is the simplest healer of the bunch and can be mastered with ease.

1) Lucio

  • Sonic Amplifier: A bursting sonic amplifier that deals damage to enemies.
  • Crossfade: Swap between a healing circle or speed boost circle.
  • Amp It Up: Increases the effectiveness of the current song of Crossfade.
  • Soundwave: Send out a sonic blast that pushes enemies back.
  • Wall Ride (Passive): Jump at a wall to ride along it.
  • Sound Barrier (Ultimate): Nearby allies receive temporary extra health.

Lucio tops the charts as the best Support hero in Overwatch 2. The DJ has rollerblades that help him move quickly and ride along walls. He can speed up teammates or constantly heal them if they are nearby. And then he can boost those effects by turning up the jams.

The reason he is number one is because of his versatility. He can do it all and do it all well. Whether its taking shots at an enemy, pushing them off the map with Soundwave or staying near other heroes for healing, Lucio is unmatched. His Sound Barrier Ultimate, which gives additional health to allies, just further adds on to his resume as the top Support character.

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