5 locations to know on the new Overwatch 2 map Antarctic Peninsula cover image

5 locations to know on the new Overwatch 2 map Antarctic Peninsula

Confused by the new Overwatch 2 map? Let us be your guide through the new Antarctic Peninsula Control map as we see the sights.

Coming along with the Season 3 battle pass is the new Overwatch 2 Antarctic Peninsula map. It's a three-part Control map featuring low ceilings, tight quarters, and narrow sightlines. However, you may find yourself struggling to acclimate to more than just the cold weather. All three maps at this new location bring new challenges to Overwatch 2, forcing players into close combat.

If you're in need of learning the ropes of this new locale then have no fear: We're going to walk through five points at the Antarctic Peninsula that you'll want to know ahead of time.

And don't forget to say hello to those penguins.

Antarctic Peninsula: Crew Quarters' sniper spot

The third map in the Overwatch 2 Antarctic Peninsula rotation is an outdoor arena with a challenging control point. The point itself is down in a centralized sort of bowl, leaving few sightlines for hitscan. The above spot not only gives access to a Mega Health Pack but also provides a clear line of fire. Moreover, there isn't an easy way to get flanked as long as you keep an eye on the two adjacent lanes.

Use this position when attempting to retake the point, especially if you're trying to stay safe while sniping.

Antarctic lore galore

Okay, this isn't a gameplay spot. However, this somewhat out of the way map room on the first point is one to look out for, giving us a look at the crew that was with Mei during her time at the Peninsula. Whether this crew is alive, dead, or potential fodder for a future Hero remains to be seen.

Then again, it may just be a sad reminder of how difficult life was for Mei during that period she was stranded in the ice and snow.

An elevator emergency escape

The first point features a control zone surrounded by high rises. Just off to the open side near the cliff is an elevator that leads to a Mega Health Pack. Following the scaffolds up this way will take the player back up to an elevated position. This means Heroes that rely on health packs to supplement healing such as Wrecking Ball and Tracer will want to know this spot. Especially for Hammond mains, as this will give easy access to a grapple-less Piledriver spot.

Just be sure not to get stuck inside, as the glass viewing room has no exit. You don't want to be trapped in there with a Reinhardt or Zarya.

High ground supremacy

Speaking of the indoor map, the center of the control point is vital to holding the lead. The only elevation on the control zone, this platform is a bit of a double-edged sword. Sure, you can see every sniping position around you in a 360 degree circle. However, you're also isolated and left without cover. A good Hanzo who knows how to move and wall climb can dominate from this spot, especially if he knows the baddies are incoming.

Both sides offer a way to walk right up to the platform around the back. Keep this in mind if you're looking for an easy path to get on point, similar to the Gardens map at Oasis.

An Antarctic Peninsula unto itself

The shipwreck section of the Overwatch 2 Antarctic Peninsula map is a daunting hike of danger. The control zone itself is somewhat elevated and exposed from above. However, it also provides a somewhat defensible position. The only two ways up are either the staircases that lead up, or fighting through the ship's bowels around back.

A turret Hero will provide a fantastic canary in the coalmine for whichever entry your team isn't defending. Meanwhile, attacking teams may want to consider a flyer such as Pharah and Echo to assault the point in a more direct fashion. We'd also be remiss if we didn't mention the massive flag pole at the center of the point, perfect for Wrecking Ball.

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