Is the popular MMORPG, Fallout 76, cross-play compatible?

Released back in November of 2018, Fallout 76 grew quite the fanbase when it came to MMORPGs. Unfortunately, the game had quite a few bugs in the beginning, which drastically lowered the number of players after just a few days. But now, with a much more refined game, many are wondering whether or not Fallout 76 is cross-platform.

Is the game playable between PlayStation, Xbox and PC?

Is cross-play in Fallout 76?

The big question is whether or not Fallout 76 supports cross-platform gameplay. Unfortunately, no, Fallout 76 is not cross-play.

This means that anyone who plans to jump into the large post-apocalyptic world will have to do so with only players who own the same systems as them. Even Xbox and PC, which are both owned by Microsoft, do not support cross-play between the two.

You would think a game of this stature would support cross-platform gameplay, but sadly it doesn't. Its sister MMORPG, Elder Scrolls Online, also lacks cross-play, making Bethesda absent in giving gamers worlds that support multiple platforms.

What is cross-platform in gaming?

Cross-platform is pretty self-explanatory. A game that supports cross-platform (or cross-play) is a game that allows for multiple types of systems to play together. This means that PS5 players can also play with Xbox players and so on.

Cross-play has been huge lately within the gaming world, as big games such as Call of Duty and Fortnite have integrated it into their worlds. Not only does this prevent the console wars from creating more diversity, but it allows for more friends to play alongside each other.

Cross-play is the future and hopefully, we see more games follow a path containing it.

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