How many Storm Zones and Circles are there in Fortnite?

If you've played Fortnite, you know one of the driving factors of the game is the Storm. Players have to keep themselves within the Circle throughout the game. Being stuck in the Storm will cause significant damage throughout the game, getting worse as the circles get smaller.

But how many Storm Zones and Circles are in a Fortnite match?

Storm: How many Zone circles are there in Fortnite and how are they different?

Since the start of Fortnite, the Storm Zones have changed significantly. The game started with nine zones. The first few Circles closed at a slower pace, and Storm took far less damage than the later Storms.

By the end of the match, Storms will have gotten incredibly small, to where the ninth Circle will be completely nonexistent.

But that was the past.

Moving Zones: The beginning of Competitive Fortnite

Starting back in 2018, Fortnite added the new feature of "Moving Zones". Moving Zones created a much more competitive space within the Fortnite community. The Storm would move with the Circles, making players have to move together.

This completely changed the trajectory of Fortnite.

Storms and Circles become much more prominent in the grand scheme of the game, making players have to memorize different zone paths.

Throughout the years, this stayed the staple for Fortnite, but Epic Games recently decided to change how the law of Zones, making the game a tad bit different.

9 Storm Zones in Fortnite? Nah... Let's make it 12

Within the last six months, Fortnite decided to change how Storm and Circles acted. In fact, the game added three more Zones for players to compete in.

How many Storm Zones in Fortnite 2023:

  • 12

With the game having 12 Zones now, players have had to totally reassess how they play.

The first few Storms close MUCH faster now but also are far larger than before. Midgame seems to drag a tad bit more than in the past, but endgames are just as competitive as ever.

Moving Zones are still very much a thing within the game, and stand to stay in the game for the future.

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