A beginner’s guide on how to beat Mother Whale, an endgame boss in NIKKE: Goddess of Victory. Strategy, tips and team composition.

Defeating Mother Whale in NIKKE can be a daunting task, especially for new players. This guide provides detailed strategies and tips to help you conquer this formidable foe with ease. From understanding its mechanics to selecting the right team, we've got you covered.

What is Mother Whale in NIKKE?

Mother Whale is an endgame boss in Chapter 21, Stage 21-32, whose long list of abilities have made it quite a well-known challenging boss fight. Mother Whale's elemental shield, missiles and Raptors combined make for a very difficult opponent.

Red Hood is a great option to take on Mother Whale (screenshot from <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVJ2IN4iPBg">@golowarass<br> on YT</a>)
Red Hood is a great option to take on Mother Whale (screenshot from @golowarass
on YT

Understanding Mother Whale's Mechanics

Mother Whale has several critical mechanics that you need to be aware of:

  • Side Ports and Core: Mother Whale has three side ports on each side and a core. Breaking the side ports inflicts significant HP damage on the boss​​.
  • Roar and Raptors: When Mother Whale roars, it grants a buff to the Raptors, making them harder to kill. It's crucial to break the core to prevent this buff from being applied​​.
  • Elemental Shield: Mother Whale has an elemental shield that can be pierced by specific elemental attacks. This shield remains as long as there are Raptors on the field​​.
  • Damage Increase: Mother Whale's attacks do more damage if Raptors are present on the field. Clearing Raptors quickly is essential to minimize incoming damage​​.
Scarlet in the frontline versus Mother Whale
Scarlet in the frontline versus Mother Whale

Strategy for beating Mother Whale in NIKKE

A key part of the strategy for defeating Mother Whale is to use a taunt character to tank the damage of the boss' unavoidable attack. It's okay if they don't survive.

Here's a quick breakdown of a winning strategy:

  • Target the Core and Side Ports: Start by breaking the side ports to deal significant damage to Mother Whale. Focus on the core to prevent the boss from buffing the Raptors​​.
  • Clear Raptors Quickly: Use AOE attacks and characters like Dorothy and Scarlet to clear Raptors before they receive buffs. This reduces the boss's overall damage output and removes its shield​​.
  • Utilize Taunt Effectively: During the Master Grade Raptor phase, use your taunter's ability to mitigate damage. For example, use Noah's burst skill for invulnerability to keep your team alive during heavy attacks​​.
  • Survive AOE Damage: During the In-N-Out Raptor phase, focus on survival. Take cover, save your heals, and use defensive abilities to mitigate the damage​​.
  • Range Distance Bonuses: Pay attention to your attack range. Attacking from the correct distance can increase your damage output, indicated by the cursor turning blue​​.

Team Composition

Choosing the right characters is vital for this battle. Here are some recommended options that you can try to incorporate if you can.

(Burst I)
Dorothy is particularly effective against Mother Whale. Her abilities can ignore the boss' buffs and deal massive damage to the Raptors​​.
(Burst III)
If you don't have Dorothy, Scarlet is another excellent choice. She can clear the Raptors before they receive their buffs, reducing the overall difficulty of the fight​​.
(Burst II)
Noah's global taunt and invulnerability make her an ideal choice for mitigating damage during crucial phases of the fight​​.
Modernia (Burst III)

Ideal for dealing with Raptors that take only one damage per hit, thanks to her machine gun attacks​​.
Red Hood
Red Hood excels against Mother Whale with high DPS and AOE attacks for breaking ports and clearing Raptors. Her debuffs and well-timed bursts also mitigate enemy buffs and maximize damage​​.
Suggested Best Team Compositions for beating Mother Whale

Tips and Tricks

Here are a few quick-fire tips that you should be mindful of when it comes to beating Mother Whale

  • Elemental Attacks: Use characters with elemental attacks to pierce the shield quickly. This can drastically shorten the fight and reduce the strain on your team​​.
  • Optimize Burst Timing: Timing your burst abilities correctly can help clear waves of Raptors efficiently and prevent them from receiving buffs​​.
  • Focus on Summon Ports: Continuously destroy the summon ports for consistent damage. Each port destruction deals about 13 bars of damage to Mother Whale​​.


Defeating Mother Whale in NIKKE requires a combination of strategy, the right team composition, and understanding the boss's mechanics. By following the tips and strategies outlined in this guide, you'll be well-equipped to take down this challenging boss and progress further in the game.

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