Will Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile have emulator support? cover image

Will Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile have emulator support?

Playing with a keyboard and mouse might not be possible.

Warzone Mobile is currently in a limited release, but that hasn’t stopped players from wondering if the game will support emulators. If you’ve been thinking the same, here is your answer.

Warzone Mobile was announced in September 2022 as the legendary battle royale title by Activision makes its way to mobile. The game has been under a limited release for a few months now and is only available to players in Australia, Chile, Norway, and Sweden.

Will Warzone Mobile support emulators?

Activision said in a tweet that it will not officially support emulators. The company urged players who are on PC to play the main Warzone title or Modern Warfare II as the three games have cross-progression.

It’s still unclear if the developer will be banning emulators or not support them “officially.” If the earlier is the case, anyone who uses an emulator to play Warzone Mobile might receive bans. This is a practice that is in contrast to other battle royale titles on Android and iOS.

Credits: Activision
Credits: Activision

Games like PUBG Mobile and Free Fire tackle emulator users differently. Both games have separate matchmaking for players on emulators. Additionally, if you are playing as a team and even one player in your team is using an emulator, the whole team will be matched against other PC users.

What makes this more surprising is that Warzone Mobile will likely support controllers when it launches globally. While Activision has yet to officially reveal this, Activion’s VP of mobile, Chris Plummer, told Gamespot last year that they intended to support controllers as well.

If that’s the case, Warzone Mobile might have separate lobbies for controller players as well.

Activision will release the title later in 2023

Credits: Activision
Credits: Activision

Warzone Mobile is one of the most anticipated titles coming to Android and iOS. The game has already received more than 35 million pre-registrations but is currently only available in select regions.

Activision is yet to reveal an official global release date. However, the company has confirmed that it will come out later in 2023. The title has cross-progression with Warzone and Modern Warfare II and will also receive content updates at the same time.

The legendary Verdansk map is set to return to Warzone Mobile. And 120 players will parachute down to fight for victory.

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