Here’s a breakdown of the TFT Ranking System, as well as a guide on how often the seasons last.

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is an auto battler, a round-based PVP which is on the rise! (Especially after Riot Games' Netflix Show Arcane). There are many strategies to win, but today we will be focusing on the TFT ranked system.

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Ranks in Teamfight Tactics

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A lot like League of Legends (LoL), Teamfight Tactics has a full-fledged ranking system with tiers, divisions, and end-of-season rewards. However, since TFT is an auto battler, there are a few differences that separate the two. Unlike Lol, TFT does not have a level requirement to play ranked, which means you can start grinding out ranked right at level one.

The TFT ranking system consists of nine different tiers, just like League of Legends,

The first six TFT ranks are:

  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

Sitting at the top of the TFT ranked system are:

  • Master
  • Grandmaster
  • Challenger

Thanks to the no-level requirement, you can play ranked with friends immediately. However, you can queue together in parties of five if you are Gold or lower and parties of three if you are Platinum and above.

How to Gain Ranks in TFT

Thanks to the lack of hurdles in entering ranked matchmaking, players can quickly start to grind to climb the ladder. Like all games, player success is important to climb in rank. However, unlike League of Legends, where wins and losses determine rank, players gain LP based on where exactly they rank at the end of each game of Teamfight Tactics.

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To gain LP a player must place in the top four of a game, with the first-place finisher getting the most points. Unfortunately, players outside the top four will lose points, with the fifth placer only losing some and the eighth placer taking the hardest hit of the group.

Once a player earns more than 100 LP in a given rank, they will move up to the next rank. On the flip side of that, if a player is sitting at 0 LP, they will drop down a rank as a consequence.

At the top of the ranking system are the grandmaster and challenger ranks, and they work a bit differently. The top ranks can only admit a certain number of players at a time, and for those who are not constantly competing, their rank will begin to decrease.

The number of players that reach these ranks varies depending on the region, as it's relative to the size of the server. However, to stay at the top of the ladder, players must be consistent and continue to stay in the top four matches. Hopefully you're now a master of the TFT Ranking system.

How long do Ranked Seasons last

Ranked seasons in Teamfight Tactics (TFT) come and go with the release of sets. Sets and seasons usually last around four months at a time. At the end of every season, a player’s rank is functionally reset, and they will have to climb the entire ladder once again.

Teamfight Tactics sets work with all the champions and mechanics in the given season. Every season is almost the equivalent of starting an entirely new game. When a new season begins, there are entirely new units, traits, mechanics and items that players must learn. Relearning these core mechanics makes for some exciting changes to the game.

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