Wondering if you will be able to play Rainbow Six Mobile with a controller when it releases? Here’s your answer.

Rainbow Six is headed to mobile soon and can be played on any Android and iOS smartphone. But, fans have been wondering if the game will have controller support. Ubisoft has finally clarified whether Rainbow Six Mobile will support controllers or not.

Will Rainbow Six Mobile have controller support?

Yes, Rainbow Six Mobile will have controller support when it launches worldwide.

Ubisoft recently released the development roadmap for the game, which confirmed that controller support is in the plans. The upcoming Closed Beta 2.0, which is set to begin on June 6, 2023, will not have controller support, though.

The closed beta will be followed by the open beta, and when the game launches worldwide, it will support controllers.

Source: Ubisoft
Source: Ubisoft

It’s unclear how controller support will work in Rainbow Six Mobile. While games like PUBG Mobile don’t allow controllers at all, others such as Activision’s CoD Mobile allow it. CoD Mobile, however, has separate lobbies for controller players.

Likely, Ubisoft will also have separate lobbies for controller players in Rainbow Six Mobile. This is because players have an advantage in playing with controllers in a tactical shooter.

The game is entering closed beta 2.0 soon

With controller support only launching with the worldwide rollout of the game, there are still a few months before it happens. The game is expected to be released before the end of the year.

Currently, Ubisoft has conducted one closed beta test for the game with the second on its way. The second beta test will happen across 15 countries. This includes Canada, the US, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, the Philippines, India, France, the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, South Korea, and Australia. It will go live on June 6 for six weeks.

If you want to try out the game in the Closed Beta 2.0, be sure to pre-register for it on the Google Play Store.

Besides controller support, lots of exciting features are coming to Rainbow Six Mobile

The development roadmap for the game has revealed a lot of exciting features coming to the game besides controller support.

Source: Ubisoft
Source: Ubisoft

This includes the Team Deathmatch Mode. Ubisoft said that Rainbow Six can be “intimidating” for new players which is why a TDM mode is important. Besides being attracted to novice players, the TDM can also be a testing ground for different loadouts.

Other upcoming features to the game include the gyroscope, a new map, an operator, and the ability to reconnect into matches.

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