Here are ways you can solve matchfixing errors in Star Wars: Hunters.

Star Wars: Hunters delivers a multi-player PvP experience where you can enter matchmaking to compete against other players. But there have been reports of a matchmaking error that are stopping players from entering an online match. Here are a couple ways to solve it on mobile.

5 ways to solve Matchmaking Error in Star Wars: Hunters

1. Change your network connection or restart connection

Matchmaking errors may be caused by some disturbance in the internet connection. Firstly, try and meddle with your Wi-Fi or mobile data by turning it off and on back again. If you have other Wi-Fi connections, try connecting to other alternatives.

2. Restart the application

Next, try turning off the application. Go to your device Settings > Apps and spot Star Wars: Hunters. "Force Stop" the application to completely shut the game down and stop it from running in the background. The you can open the App and queue for Matchmaking to see if it worked.

3. Clear game cache or data

In the same App tab for Star Wars: Hunters, you can also click on "Clear data" to remove temporary files for the game. This will remove the unnecessary information kept in your device while keeping the important details such as login credentials.

These temporary data may be useful to speed up your game performance but sometimes, the data can be outdated or corrupt which may lead to certain game bugs and issues like the matchmaking errors.

4. Update Star Wars: Hunters to the latest version

It's important to keep your game updated at all times to prevent matchmaking errors. Go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and click on "Update". If your app is already updated to the latest version, you will not see the Update button.

5. Reinstall Star Wars: Hunters

And the last method to help fix matchmaking error in Star Wars: Hunters is by uninstalling and installing the app back again. This works as a total reset in case there is something wrong with your application.

Zynga responds to Matchmaking Error in Star Wars: Hunters

For more than a week now, Zynga has acknowledged the matchmaking errors that are impacting a lot of Star Wars: Hunters players. However, the issue is not yet solved.

We are aware that some players are experiencing above average wait times and time outs, when trying to find a match. We are working closely to resolve this issue.


We'll keep this article updated as soon as Zynga announces if matchmaking errors are resolved. Stick around for more news and guides.